Neo Winds Up in Office Space In This Deepfake Video

So to tell the truth we haven’t all been in this situation since not all of us work in a cubicle, but a lot of us have been at dead-end jobs that we would love to get out of and it’s often hard to simply come in day in and day out to a place that you simply can’t stand. Just imagine if Neo took the blue pill, and THIS was the outcome. It’s pretty bleak, isn’t it? It might sound like I’m trying to give Office Space a bad name but to be fair, had it never turned around, had Peter never done something to better his situation, it would have been way too much like real life. Imagine the Matrix keeping hold of Neo and keeping tabs on him, and Neo just going about his day and acting as he normally did while trying to wonder why he can’t break out of the funk that he’s in. It’s too easy to think that he’d want to finally get a hold of Morpheus and take that red pill, but then again, if he didn’t really want to know what was down the rabbit hole then diving off of a building might be the only way to make stop, apart from other measures.

Since this definitely falls under the kind of theories that people love to talk about so often, one has to wonder if Morpheus and his people could reach out and keep Neo from dying at that point if he did take things that far, or if the Matrix wouldn’t allow it. Some might even want to argue that Neo wasn’t suicidal and wanted to know too much about the world beyond his own to even consider going pavement diving, but that’s kind of beside the point. The whole idea is to have fun with a theory and post it in the hopes that other fans will pick it up and run with it. Maybe something about being the One would come to life at that moment and save him, or maybe he would have to be reincarnated again, and someone else would have to wait years and years in order to find him once more. But then as the Architect tells it, Zion would have been destroyed and re-seeded again in order to start the cycle over. It’s kind of a bleak way to look at things, but Neo’s life and death appear to start a new cycle that might have been going on for longer than many might even realize.

Imagine if the Architect’s words were entirely accurate, and only enough humans were kept alive to restart Zion when they ‘found’ it, or were born within it. Their appearance within the city and their ability to get things up and running might be attributed to ancients that had built the machinery so long ago, and their continual feud with the machines would be habitual as well as hereditary. It’s a lot to think about quite honestly and it’s enough to make your head hurt, but it’s only accessible through the red pill, which, if Neo had taken the blue, wouldn’t even a possibility as a story. That’s not what Wachowski’s had in mind obviously since they wanted to grant the people a movie they wouldn’t soon forget. The Matrix has influenced so many other movies, TV shows, and various parts of pop culture since its release that it’s easy to state that the world has been affected by this idea in more than one way. A lot of people are convinced that we’re currently living in a Matrix-type world, a place that we’re imprisoned in simply because things keep getting worse, depending on one’s perspective, and there looks to be no escape. That’s kind of a bleak outlook on life to be certain, but it’s also one that leaves a lot of people room to make up even more theories. Hey, it’s what folks do when they start thinking about their lot in life, and to be fair it’s kind of interesting really.

But thinking about what might have happened if Neo had taken the blue pill is actually kind of funny since the feel of Office Space isn’t too far off since Neo was an office worker that looked like he was zoning out half the time and simply couldn’t stand what he was, or wasn’t, doing with his life. A lot of us have been there at one point or another, but a lot of us might still be waiting on our own version of Morpheus to show up with that fabled red pill to just take us away into a nightmare that’s the truth but is so much worse than what we’ve got. Maybe the blue pill wouldn’t look too bad by comparison. Nah, the red pill would be more fun.

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