The 10 Best Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix Right Now

The 10 Best Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix Right Now

The psychological thriller is one of the most famous movie genres right now. Because it builds on our human need to examine patterns and uncover mysteries, this genre is fascinating to watch. Let’s face it; there’s nothing quite like taking an adrenaline ride through the unpredictable twists and mysterious events of psychological thrillers.

So, if you’re a fellow thriller enthusiast looking for more twists and turns, here are the top ten best psychological thriller movies to watch on Netflix.

1. The Platform

The 10 Best Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix Right Now

Credit: The Platform

Spanish cinematography is known for its bizarre, mysterious, and brilliant psychological thriller movies. And The Platform (El Hoyo) is y one of the strangers.

It’s a social science thriller about a futuristic vertical prison where prisoners in the upper cells are fed while those below starve. This system inevitably creates conflict and danger among the inmates, making this movie a must-watch on Netflix.

2. Spiderhead

Spiderhead is another exciting dystopian psychological thriller you can watch on Netflix. The film tells the story of two inmates in a luxurious prison undergoing a series of odd experiments involving emotion-controlling and mind-altering drugs. This movie will give you the creeps, that’s for sure.

3. Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals is ideal for you if you’re a fan of neo-noir psychological thriller movies. It’s stunning to watch, but at the same time, very bizarre and dark. The movie tells the story of a wealthy art gallery owner who reads her ex-husband’s new violent thriller novel and begins to interpret it symbolic revenge tale.

4. The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time is another must-watch psychological thriller on Netflix. It follows a young man living in a postwar town in midland America who tries to protect his loved ones from evil people, corruption, and violence. The movie is an adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock’s debut novel by the same name.

5. The Paramedic

The 10 Best Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix Right Now

Credit: The Paramedic

Another Spanish psychological thriller to watch on Netflix is The Paramedic. It follows the tragic story of a young man who suffers a severe accident and is paralyzed from the waist down. That’s when he starts having doubts about his lover to the point of becoming utterly obsessed with the idea that she is unfaithful to him.

6. The Occupant

The Occupant is yet another must-see Spanish thriller on Netflix. The plot follows a former executive forced to sell his home and leave his best life behind. When a new family moves into his former house, he becomes obsessed with them and starts infiltrating their lives. The movie is often called the “Spanish Parasite” because it puts the class divide into focus.

7. Gerald’s Game

The 10 Best Psychological Thriller Movies on Netflix Right Now

Credit: Gerald’s Game

If you’re a fan of Stephen King, here’s a great movie you can watch on Netflix. Gerald’s Game is a psychological horror thriller about a married couple who decides to reignite their relationship and travel to an isolated house for a holiday. When the husband dies of a heart attack during foreplay, the wife is left handcuffed to the bed and haunted by her inner demons.

8. Mirage

Mirage is a Spanish mystery thriller about a space-time continuum glitch that happens during an awful storm. The main character, Vera, decides to save a boy’s life 25 years in the past but eventually loses her son. She must fight to get him back without altering reality.

9. Fractured

Fractured is another terrifying but exciting psychological thriller film on Netflix. The plot follows a couple whose daughter’s arm is fractured at a gas station. After rushing her to the hospital, they get in the middle of strange events that are happening there, and the wife and daughter go missing. The father has to uncover this mystery to save his family and get them back.

10. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is one of the unique film experiences ever. It’s an interactive movie with multiple endings, which allows viewers to decide how the plot unfolds. The movie follows a young programmer who questions reality when he adapts a fantasy novel into a video game. If you’re looking for an engaging and mind-bending movie, give Black Mirror: Bandersnatch a try!

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