Meet The Cast Of “Chad”

Meet The Cast Of “Chad”

Chad, the hit TBS sitcom originally intended for Fox, has been officially renewed for a second season and is set to premiere later this year. The show was created by Nasim Pedrad, who also stars in the show. Pedrad is a Saturday Night Live alumnus who has appeared in shows like Mulaney, Scream Queens, New Girl, and People of Earth, which also airs on TBS. Here’s the plot of the comedy series, according to IMDb: “A 14-year-old Persian boy desperately tries to fit in, cope with his mother’s dating life, and figure out his cultural identity.” Chad features an impressive list of cast members making the show one of the funniest on TV. If you want to learn more about the actors performing in this show, read ahead. Here are the cast members of the hit TBS comedy series Chad.

Nasim Pedrad

Aside from creating the show, Nasim Pedrad also stars in the TBS show Chad. In the show, Pedrad plays a 14-year-old boy named Chad Amani, who is deadset on becoming the most popular kid in school. Most people would recognize Pedrad from her tenure on Saturday Night Live, but she’s actually appeared in a few blockbuster movies, like Cooties, Corporate Animals, Alladin, and Desperados. In an interview with Awards Watch, Pedrad talked about how she came up with the concept of Chad, saying: “As I was this coming up with and developing the character, which was now like five years ago, it was really just making me laugh. And I really thought I could just disappear into looking like a little dude and get as far away from myself, the actor, in playing Chad with the help of the, you know, I knew it would take the right wig, and the eyebrows, and the posture, and then the slight dropping of my voice and all of those things that make up the character. And before even landing on those components, I just thought it would be really cool to tell a coming-of-age story where the teenager at the center of it’s played by an adult who’s in on the joke, because actual teenagers don’t yet know what’s so funny about being a teenager.”

Jake Ryan

Teen actor Jake Ryan plays Peter in the hit TBS series Chad. Ryan has appeared in Eighth Grade and Moonrise Kingdom.

Saba Homayoon

Saba Homayoon plays Naz Amani in Chad. The actress most prominently starred in the TV movie Hit Factor, which she appeared in alongside her real-life husband, actor Neil Hopkins. She’s also played in shows like Charmed, How I Met Your Mother, and NCIS. In an interview with UPI, Homayoon admitted that the show saved her career. “There was a part of me that was like, ‘I don’t know, will my agent still want to represent me?'” Homayoon said. “I think when you have children, when your career hasn’t fully blossomed, it’s kind of tricky to walk away for such a long period of time.” She also talked about how she can relate to her character, given that in real life, she is also a mother. “[Pedrad] had to remind me that the character is sort of a decade ahead of where I am as a mother,” Homayoon said. “It works better storytelling-wise to be more compassionate to Chad than perhaps I would be as a mother.”

Paul Chahidi

Paul Chahidi plays Hamid Amani in Chad. A British actor, he’s appeared in prestigious theater productions both in the U.K. and in the United States. He has worked at Shakespeare’s Globe and performed on Broadway, playing a part in the all-male productions of Twelfth Night and Richard III. Chahidi has also played roles in a few well-known movies. In The Death of Stalin, he played Nikolai Bulganin. He also performed in This Country, Christopher Robin, and Good Omens. He is set to play Fellowes in the upcoming mystery movie See How They Run. In an interview he did with I Talk Telly, Chahidi was asked whether he liked the variety in the roles he decides to take on: “I’ve played serious roles, I’ve played sinister characters, I’ve played nasty characters and kind characters like the Vicar and everything in between. That is why I became an actor, to play a variety of roles. I wanted to play as many different roles as possible. I admire actors that are versatile. If I’m honest, I often get cast in comedic roles and if people think I’ve got an aptitude for that then I’m glad. I love comedy. If anything, I think it’s harder to do than straight stuff but, touching on what we talked about earlier, I think the best comedy will always have a deeply serious side to it. You get your cake and eat it really with good comedy.”

Ella Mika

Ella Mika plays Niki Amani in the hit comedy series Chad. Before starring in the series, she appeared in Birds of Prey in 2020 and A Wedding for Christmas in 2018.

Alexa Loo

Alexa Loo portays Denise in TBS’s Chad. The actress has appeared in shows like Legends of Tomorrow and Gabby Duran and the Unsittables. Here is her IMDb profile that describes her as the “sleeper star” of Chad: “Alexa Loo is a Chinese-Canadian actor from Vancouver, Canada. Alexa appears as a series regular in the TBS’ sitcom comedy, “Chad” created by Saturday Night Live alum, Nasim Pedrad. Alexa portrays “Denise,” a high school frenemy and rival of Chad (Pedrad), a 14-year-old Iranian-American boy trying to catapult in popularity at a new school through a series of awkward encounters and mannerisms. The breakout series premiered April 6, 2021, on TBS to 1.9 million viewers – marking a debut high for the new series as the “top-rated cable comedy of 2021” with Alexa already being defined as a “sleeper star” of the series.”

Recurring cast members

Recurring cast members of the series include Madeleine Arthur, Thomas Barbusca, Phillip Mullings Jr., and Jarrad Paul. Guest stars include Armani Jackson as Joey, Lucius Hoyos as Raul, Aidan Laprete as Kevin, Kensington Tallman as Avery, Lily Fisher as Margaret, Houshang Touzie as Farhad, Dave Ahdoot as Pasha, Parviz Pedrad as Mohsen, and Aidan Fiske as Liam.How I Met Your Mother

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