Bachelor in Paradise’s Teddi Wright is Back and Better Than Ever

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Teddi Wright is not a woman who does things without a little flair. The former season 26 Bachelor contestant did not leave the mansion with a ring, love, or anything to show for her time there except a few new friends and an invitation to film Bachelor in Paradise. As fans of the Bachelor Franchise know, BIP is filmed in Mexico. The people who did not find love in their respective seasons get together and live in a beach house for a few summer weeks. They hope to find love, but they usually do not. Teddi Wright thought she found love in Mexico, but she pulled a shocking stunt, took off, disappeared, and then surfaced three months later – in 2023 – with a shocking announcement. What’s her story?

Who is Teddi Wright?

If you aren’t a fan of the Bachelor franchise, you’ll need to get to know Teddi Wright before we share her story. She’s a 26-year-old California girl and surgical nurse. She’s smart and beautiful, and she seems to have a great personality. Her childhood was spent living in a Christian household with her parents, but she likes to do life her way, and she is unapologetic about that. She did not win the heart of bachelor Clayton Echard, but she did find romance with former contestant Andrew Spencer when they filmed BIP.

Credit: @teddiwright

Teddi’s Dramatic BIP Exit Stunned Everyone

She came into the show to find love, and she found it. She found it hard and fast with Andrew Spencer. So hard and fast, in fact, that he was quick to point out to all of the other women he’d tried dating until that point that his heart was with Teddi. She was feeling the same things, but then the inevitable happened. The show introduced her to Rodney Matthews. She was no longer certain about the intense feelings she’d had for Spencer. With feelings for a new man on her mind, she knew that she wasn’t finding love in paradise. She went home.

The caveat is that she went home without telling a single soul. She just bailed. She took off, she left, and she didn’t bother to mention it to any of her friends in Mexico. Wright did share with the cameras, however, that she knows what she wants, and she needed to go home and find that. “I want to get married, and I want to have kids. I want to go home and move past this and find that person,” she said. That was on October 4, and no one has seen or heard from her much since.

Teddi Wright is Back

Other than a few generic social media posts here and there over the holiday season, she wasn’t really sharing much of her life. Then, all of a sudden, on New Year’s Day, she comes out with a shocking revelation. She’s found love, and she shared her first-ever midnight kiss on New Year’s Day.

“First New Year’s kiss ever!! Happy New Year (heart emoji) #2023,” she captioned a video of herself with a new man on January 1. But who is he? We haven’t a clue. He’s not a man with a name she’s shared. He’s not someone who is going public with their relationship other than to show up in her photos online. She’s just moved on. Teddi Wright is living her best life, and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.

Credit: @teddiwright

Did Andrew Spencer Find Love?

He tried to. He was just so into Wright that he couldn’t. Spencer made some moves on some other women, but he ultimately left BIP single and ready to mingle. In fact, he tried to mingle with Wright once he left paradise, but he said he’d moved on and he wished her well.

“I wanted to really just say my whole piece about the whole Teddi thing during the reunion. And I think that was huge for me ‘cause that was a lot that I’ve been holding in for so long that I never got to really say and I never got to say to her. So I know she didn’t come to the reunion taping and I know we haven’t talked, so I was hoping that maybe this message gets to her and she just knows how I feel and it was, like, that was my closure to her,” said Spencer.

He went on to say, “Ball’s in her court and obviously, if we ever saw each other organically in the same vicinity, without a doubt, I’m not gonna sit here and see her across the bar and turn around. I’m gonna go talk to this woman. hey, I got game. I ain’t gonna lie to you. I ‘m not bad, I am not the guy you saw in paradise.” It seems to us that the athlete still has feelings for Wright, and he’s just waiting on his chance to make his move if she’s ever single again.

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