10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mark Umbers

When Mark Umbers was a very young child, he did not know that he would grow up to become an actor. In fact, it wouldn’t be until he was well into his teenage years that the desire to become one would hit. However, he is currently one of the most talented, and the most recognized actors in Europe, and he is someone with an impressive history. It’s time we learn more about the talented actor.

1. He Was Born in the 70s

He’s a man who was born many years ago. His date of birth is June 17, 1973. He was born and raised in England. He’s from a place called Harrogate, which is in West Riding of Yorkshire. If you don’t know where that is, it’s all right. We don’t know either.

2. He is a College Graduate

Following his childhood education, he is a young man who spent a great deal of his time in college. He earned his degree in Latin and Greek Literature and Philosophy. That’s not an easy degree to earn, but he did it. He was a student at Oxford University. He graduated in 1995 from the university.

3. He Began Acting More Than 20 years Ago

His career is one that he’s been working on for more than 20 years. He began acting in 1997 in a professional capacity. He landed roles in a few of the BBC’s biggest dramas that year. One was called Berkeley Square and the other was called The Student Prince.

4. He Was a Theater Actor

In addition to being the kind of man who has been on television and in the movies, he’s also the kind of man who has been on stage. Theater work is difficult work that demands a lot from a person, and he managed to make that happen. He was part of The Pirates of Penzance.

5. He is a Huge James Bond Fan

Something that you might know about him already is that he is a huge James Bond fan. Not only does he love the movies, but he also loves the books. He’s read all books written by Ian Fleming, and he is a major fan. It’s always nice to find out someone is an avid reader, too.

6. He Has Always Wanted to Act

Since he was around 15, he knew what his future would hold for him. He’s a man who loves to spend time acting, and it’s something he was adamant about from a young age. He was the lead in a school production, and the bug hit him hard. Acting was no longer something he had fun doing for a good time while in school. It was his future.

7. He is Not a Dancer

Though he is a talented actor, he is the first person to point out that he is not a dancer. He cannot do it, and he cannot make it happen naturally. He laughs about it now, but being a dancer is just not his forte. Some people can do it all, and some people do not have the moves – and there is nothing wrong with that.

8. He Was Very Shy

What might surprise many people – especially his fans – is that he is a man who is quite shy. He’s been very shy his entire life, but he describes himself as the kind of teenager who was cripplingly shy. It’s amazing how being an actor happens so many times for those who are the shiest, but we have a feeling that it’s easy to pretend you are not shy any longer when you are pretending to be someone else.

9. Post-College Life was Hard

When he was finished with his degree at Oxford University, he had to move to London and focus on his real life. However, he found that difficult. He feels that being at Oxford is its own little world by itself, and being part of the actual real-world when you leave that location is a challenging and almost difficult situation. He managed to transition successfully, however.

10. He’s a Private Man

Something else that we do appreciate about this handsome actor is that he is such a private man. There is little that he cannot do and little that he is not willing to try as an actor, but he is certainly not someone who will stand by and allow his personal life to become the center of attention. He is quite good at keeping that to himself, and that is something we all appreciate.

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