10 Things You Didn’t Know about Salice Rose

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Salice Rose

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Salice Rose

Do you know Salice Rose? She’s an internet celebrity who rose to fame via her various social media platforms. She’s been giving it her all, and she’s been killing it since she began. From her TikTok account to her YouTube to her Instagram, she’s been able to use her photos and videos to gain substantial fame, and she is not going anywhere. If you are not familiar with this social media star, it’s time to get to know her. Here’s everything you didn’t know you needed to know about Salice Rose, internet star.

1. She is Young

Perhaps she is not quite as young as some of the other social media stars making it big on TikTok right now, but she’s not even 30 yet. She was born on November 20, 1994. She will celebrate her 27th birthday toward the end of 2020.

2. She is Peruvian

She was born and raised in California, but her family heritage is Peruvian. She is so lovely, and her fans often wonder where she gets her good looks and her gorgeous skin. She can thank her family and their heritage for her outer beauty (and we imagine for her inner beauty as well).

3. She is One of Four

Salice Rose comes from a large family, and nothing brings her greater joy. She is close to her siblings and to her parents, and that is something she regularly shares with her fans. She has one sister and two brothers. Her parents have two of each, and that is such a cool family to raise.

4. She Has Been Online Since 2013

It was then she began her Instagram account. She may have been on other social media sites prior to the ‘gram, but this is when she began that account. She grew her following organically, and it’s allowed her to gain millions of followers and create a long-lasting career for herself.

5. She Struggles with Mental Health Issues

Salice Rose is like many people. She struggles with her mental health and bouts of depression. It’s hard on a person to deal with things that cannot be seen or treated in a traditional sense. You don’t take medicine and ‘rest up’ until your mental health improves. It’s not the flu, which means it comes and goes, it has its good days and its bad days, and you cannot do much about it other than try your hardest to overcome.

6. She is a Devout Christian

Her family and her faith are inherently important to Salice Rose. She is a devout Christian who has many religious tattoos on her body. At least three of her many tattoos reference her religious beliefs, and she is very proud of that. She finds faith important to her, and that’s wonderful.

7. She is Inherently Private

If there is one thing that’s important to Salice Rose, it is her privacy. She shares a lot with the world via the internet, but she rarely shares a glimpse into her personal life. That is for her alone, and she is not taking any chances on sharing too much with anyone. In fact, when she introduced her girlfriend to her family in 2019, it was the first time the world had any idea she was dating anyone.

8. She’s Been Accused of Being Abusive

There was a time in and around 2019 when a young woman started her own social media accounts. She did so on the basis that she is Salice Rose’s ex. She spent much of her time online stating that Rose abused her both emotionally and verbally, but Rose has denied the claims. She came out with a video of her own stating that she hopes this person found the fame she was looking for by using her name and falsifying these accusations. She denied anything of the sort, and she kept it very classy.

9. She Did Date the Accuser

When Salice Rose responded to this person who accused her of being abusive, she did call her the ex. She did date this woman, but we have to assume things did not end on either a mutual note or a good one. She probably didn’t want to see the relationship end, or perhaps she didn’t like seeing Rose happy with someone else, and she came out making these claims against the social media star.

10. Her Fans Love Her

Salice Rose has millions of followers, fans, and subscribers, and they all have one thing in common. They all adore her. They hope for the best for this young star, and they have proven their loyalty throughout the years. Even when she was accused of being an abusive person, her fans jumped to her defense and refused to believe it.

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