10 Things You Didn’t Know about Brooke D’Orsay

Brooke D’Orsay has a way of captivating the screen every time she steps in front of the camera. Her remarkable ability to keep people entertained has led to a very successful professional acting career. Over the years, she has become renowned for her appearances in a wide variety of projects, but most will recognize her from her work with the Hallmark Channel. She has featured in several TV movies for the network including A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love, and Beverly Hills Wedding. Though she has portrayed several similar characters during her career, her range is far wider than most people realize.  Keep reading to discover 10 things you didn’t know about Brooke D’Orsay.

1. She Is Canadian

Brooke has become so well-known to American audiences that there may be some viewers who have assumed she’s from the United States. In reality, though, she was born and raised in Toronto. Although there doesn’t appear to be any information about her background, we do know that her last name has French origins.

2. She Started Her Career Doing Comedy

Some people may think of Brooke as just another pretty face, but she is much more than that. In addition to being highly talented, she also has a great sense of humour. In the early days of her career, Brooke was part of an improv comedy troupe based in Canada. Although she does not need to use her comedic skills for all her roles, it is always a great asset to have.

3. She Is Not Really Into Social Media

Having a strong social media presence has become almost essential nowadays. Surprisingly, however, Brooke doesn’t seem to have an interest in building an online presence. Although there are Instagram and Twitter accounts associated with her name, neither of them are verified. Even if they are hers, neither of them have seen any activity in the last few years.

4. She Loves The Positive Nature Of Hallmark Stories

Hallmark movies have a reputation for being what many would consider cheesy, but there are a lot of people who appreciate their heartwarming messages, and Brooke is one of them. During an interview with Harlton Empire, she said, “The reason I enjoy doing Hallmark movies is due to the good-hearted nature of the stories.”

5. She Almost Has 50 On-Screen Credits

If you take a quick glance at Brooke’s resume, you might be amazed by all of the work she’s done. Brooke currently has 49 acting credits and the list continues to expand a little more each year. It’ll be intriguing to see how many credits she accumulates at the end of her career.

6. She Is Done Voice Acting

Live-action roles are what Brooke is best known for, but many may not be aware that she has also done voice acting. Most notably, she was the voice of Caitlin in the acclaimed animated series 6Teen. Additionally, she provided her voice for a few episodes of the cartoon Braceface.

7. Family Is Important To Her

Brooke comes from a close-knit family and her relationships with her loved ones have always been of the utmost importance to her. She has a strong bond with her parents and her brother and she has been blessed to have their support as she’s worked towards achieving her dreams.

8. She Is In A Relationship

Brooke has always kept her personal life private. Outside of her career, there isn’t much information about her available online. We do know, however, that she is in a relationship with American filmmaker Greg Coolige. It is unclear whether or not the couple is married and they don’t appear to have any children together. We weren’t able to find any information on how long they have been together.

9. A Christmas Story Is Her Favorite Holiday Movie

In addition to starring in Christmas movies, Brooke also enjoys watching them. She’s always been an avid fan of the holiday season, and A Christmas Story has been one of her all-time favorite movies. During the festive season, it’s almost certain that she will watch it at least once. Ironically, though, some of the Christmas movies she’s starred in may eventually make their way onto people’s favorite holiday movie lists.

10. She Doesn’t Have The Best Baking Skills

Brooke has played characters who are incredibly talented in the kitchen, but in reality, this is an area she struggles with. During an interview with TV Goodness, Brooke revealed that she isn’t that great at baking, and that her baked goods usually end up “dry and burnt”.

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