News on “The Christmas Prince 4” for 2023

News on “The Christmas Prince 4” for 2023


A Christmas Prince

credit: A Christmas Prince

So far, Netflix has yet to announce when and if there is going to be a fourth installment of the “A Christmas Prince” franchise. Viewers and fans had hoped since 2019, when the last film dropped, that a follow-up might be right around the corner. The previous films were released one after another from 2017-2019. Thus, every Christmas, we could expect a new addition to the series.

Netflix, when are you giving us the fourth movie?

Since the third film ended more or less on a cliffhanger, everyone wants to know the whereabouts and happenings between King Richard and Queen Amber. And after three years, it seems almost inevitable not to wonder if there is even a chance for the fourth film to come out before Christmas 2023.

Rose McIver (Queen Amber), who currently plays in Ghosts, has now spoken to Variety about her hope for the next film and its potential name: “A Christmas Second Royal Baby”. 

credit: A Christmas Prince

credit: A Christmas Prince

Rose McIver spills the tea on the project and her hopeful wishing for its return

Furthermore, McIver told Variety:

I know, the world is our oyster. I’m still knocking on their door. I’m like, “Guys, I’m ready. I want to go back.” I love that group of people. When I worked with them, we had really special times together. I loved Romania, where we filmed. I’m always down to keep that story going. I think it’s one of the funniest franchises I could ever be part of, and I had such a good time making it. So maybe down the line. From your lips to God’s ears.”

The plot in a nutshell

“The Christmas Prince” is a franchise that started in 2017, with its first film directed by Alex Zamm and scripted by Karen Schaler and Nathan Atkins.

McIver plays Amber Moore, an American journalist covering Prince Richard’s press conference after his father’s death in the fictional country of Aldovia. Amber learns Prince Richard (played by Ben Lamb) is actually a good person after reporting on him, only to have her magazine ignore her positive reporting. Then she falls in love with him, and they get married.

As the 2018 sequel is called “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding”, their “forevermore” ending is pretty predictable and not a spoiler at all, as the title of the second movie gives it away ultimately. In the 2019 sequel “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby”, you guessed it, the pair is having a royal baby.  

Nathan Atkins wrote the scripts for both sequels, while John Schultz directed them. Motion Picture Corporation of America is the studio behind the franchise, which also produces dozens of Christmas movies for Netflix and Hallmark.

News on “The Christmas Prince 4” for 2023

Credits@ A Christmas Prince

McIver’s previous suggestions for the new film (although in a foolish manner)

In 2019, McIver even jokingly told The Wrap that the fourth movie might be titled: “The Royal Couple’s Counseling”. She further claimed: “Now that they’re dealing with real life, real married life, I think that would be quite funny. I mean, they’d get through, obviously,” she said.

What we can take from this is that Rose McIver is definitely one to joke around and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Moreover, she also suggested two potential titles for film number four and didn’t shy away from presenting a fresh plot (funny enough, for sure). In one way or another, the writers could take some inspiration from her and write the script for the fourth film as McIver pitched it. I believe there is, however, not much left to the imagination, with the quite foreseeable yet wholesome nature of the plots of the previous films.

After all, that’s what fans of romantic Christmas movies are looking for. Especially in a franchise. There has got to be the right amount of dramatic elements and thrill, but not too much. Love has to win in the end, the couple gets together or stays together, but either way, there will be a happy ending.

What are both actors currently doing?

Currently, both actors in the popular Christmas Prince franchise are successfully involved in big projects. This year, Lamb starred in the mystery film “The Ledge”, while McIver portrays Sam in the CBS series Ghosts. 

Surely, both of them would like to return for the franchise. But I guess we will have to wait and see what the next year brings. Until then, this Christmas, we can watch the trilogy that exists at the moment on Netflix (or other Christmas movies. There are plenty).

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