6 Secret Codes for Hidden Christmas Movies on Netflix

6 Secret Codes for Hidden Christmas Movies on Netflix

With just a few weeks until the Christmas holidays, now is a good time to catch up on some of the best movies on one of the world’s biggest streaming services. And what better way to start than with some of its top-notch Christmas movies?

Unless you’re new to the movie world, this time of the year is filled with tons of unending Christmas specials, movies, and shows. They’re basically everywhere you turn! Just open Netflix, and you have them flooding your scream and dominating the filters. As such, it can be arduous to navigate which one you want. However, since Netflix’s algorithm favors individual search and movie preferences, sometimes, you can have interesting movies hidden and caught up in the mix.

Take it as an early Christmas gift; here are some secret codes to find hidden Christmas movies on Netflix.

How to access the hidden movies

Before we get started with the codes, you should familiarize yourself with how to use them. The codes can only be applied through Netflix’s website. So, on your preferred internet browser, type out the Netflix link, “www.netflix.com/browse/genre/zzzzzz”. The “zzzzzz” represents the code that should be inputted for a specific hidden movie category.

Holiday Favorites Code – 107985

Falling For Christmas

credit: Falling For Christmas

Holiday favorites are general Christmas movies, shows, and specials. By adding this code to the Netflix link, you get all the favorite Christmas programs selected by viewers and the streaming service’s algorithm. So whether you’re looking for Lindsay Lohan’s new Christmas movie, Falling for Christmas, or Christmas shows like The Great British Baking Show Holidays, they’re all available with this unique code.

Romantic Christmas Movie Code – 1394527

A Christmas Prince

credit: A Christmas Prince

Who says you can’t have romance and Christmas in the same package? Romantic Christmas movies are one of the best out there, with several options. Notable movies in this category include A Christmas Prince, The Holiday Calendar, Falling for Christmas, and Love, Guaranteed. What’s more? The code also brings out romantic Christmas shows and specials, if any are readily available.

Christmas Children & Family Movies Code – 1474017

The Christmas Chronicles

credit: The Christmas Chronicles

Christmas is all about spending time with family. What better way to enjoy a holiday night than watching Christmas children & family movies? The movies have something interesting for everyone, and you shouldn’t have to worry about its rating. Examples of movies in this category include The Princess Switch, The Christmas Chronicles, Klaus, 48 Christmas Wishes, and The Knight Before Christmas.

Goofy Christmas Children & Family Movies Code – 1475071

Christmas Break-in

credit: Christmas Break-in

Gather the family around and share a good laugh with exceptional goofy Christmas movies for the family. Also, you don’t have to worry about dark humor or offensive content in these movies. Instead, use the code to stay safe and enjoy a relaxing movie night with the family. Looking for movies to get started with? Captain Underpants: Mega Blissmas is a good place to start. Other movies in this category to check out include Home for the Holidays, Home Alone movie series, Christmas Break-in, and A Cinderella Story Christmas Wish.

Feel-good Christmas Children & Family Movies Code – 1475066

All I Want For Christmas Is You

credit: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Sometimes, feel-good Christmas movies make for a wonderful movie night pick. They’re inspirational and help motivate you and the family. A good way to filter through the pack is by using the code to bring all out under one category. For example, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You may not be a new movie, but it’s one to watch and rewatch anytime and anywhere. Also, you can check out Elf Story, A Christmas Journey, and Holiday in the Wild.

British and Canadian Children & Family Movies Codes – 1527064, 1721544

Robin Robin

credit: Robin Robin

If you love British or Canadian Christmas movies, there is an easy way to filter and find them through the pile of American Christmas movies. Although there are more American Christmas movies and shows on Netflix, there’s also a niche for other popular foreign movies.

To get exclusive British children & family movies, specials, and shows, include the code “1527064” in the Netflix link. The same applies when looking for exclusive Canadian Christmas specials, shows, and movies. For this particular category of movies, input the code “1721544”.

The animated Robin Robin is a popular British Christmas child & family movie to check out. You can get started with Puppy Star Christmas for a Canadian Christmas movie.

Which of these codes will you be trying?

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