10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dave Frim

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dave Frim

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dave Frim

In just a little more than a week, Dave Frim will go from being a relatively unknown person to a reality TV star. Dave is a cast member in the upcoming Netflix series Byron Baes which is set to premiere on March 9. The show centers around 14 influencers who live in an Australian town named Byron Bay. Although the series will primarily focus on the cast members’ career ventures, there won’t be any shortage of drama. Like the rest of the cast of the show, Dave hopes that his time on Byron Baes will help him grow his following and open the door to more opportunities. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Dave Frim.

1. Byron Baes Is His First TV Experience

We weren’t able to find any information on how Dave got the opportunity to be a part of Byron Baes.  However, there’s nothing to indicate that he has tried to be on other reality shows in the past. From what we know about Dave, he didn’t have any experience in the entertainment industry prior to Byron Baes.

2. His Girlfriend Is Also A Cast Member on Byron Baes

They say that you should never mix business with pleasure, but Dave and his girlfriend, Saskia Wotton, are hoping that the combination will work out well for them. Saskia is also part of the cast of Byron Baes. She is an influencer who currently works in sales.

3. He Is An Entrepreneur

The promotional materials for Byron Baes haven’t really mentioned what Dave does for work. However, his Facebook profile indicates that he has an entrepreneurial background. He started a business called FallenBROKENstreet which sells a variety of hats. It appears that he parted ways with the business in 2020.

4. He Loves to Travel

The world is such a big and beautiful place. While it may not be possible to see all of it, Dave hopes that he can see as much of it as he can. He has gotten the chance to visit all kinds of places all over the world including Japan and Sri Lanka. That said, it looks like places with beautiful beaches are his favorite destinations.

5. He Is Family Oriented

At the moment, Dave hasn’t shared much information about his personal life. However, based on his Instagram profile it’s clear that he has very close relationships with his loved ones, especially his mom and dad. He often shares photos of two small children but it’s unclear if they are his children or his nephews.

6. He Likes to Stay Active

As someone who likes to spend a lot of time at the beach, it’s not too surprising that Dave likes to make sure that his body is beach-ready all year. Staying active is an important part of Dave’s routine. In addition to traditional workouts, he also likes to go surfing. In fact, it appears that he used to work as a surf instructor for Manly Surf School.

7. He Is A Dog Person

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know that there is something indescribable about the bond between a human and their pup. This feeling is something that Dave is thankful to experience. He is a proud pet parent and his fur baby, Benny, has become the star of his Instagram profile.

8. He Doesn’t Have A Large Social Media Following

Bryon Baes has been marketed as a show that follows the lives of influencers living in Byron Bay. What’s interesting, however, is that most of the cast members don’t have very large social media followings. As of now, Dave has just 2,000 followers on Instagram. It goes without saying that his following will probably grow exponentially once the show airs.

9. He Has Done Some Modeling

Byron Baes might be Dave’s first time working in the TV world, but he actually has some experience being in front of the camera. An old Instagram photo shows that Dave has some modeling experience under his belt. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any specific details on Dave’s time as a model. If the show gains popularity, Dave could have the chance to do more modeling in the future.

10. He Is Originally From Sydney

Dave may be living in Byron Bay now, but he is originally from Sydney. We weren’t able to track down any details on how he ended up in Byron Bay but it appears that he has been there for about 10 years. With Byron Bay’s beautiful views, it’s easy to see why Dave has decided to call the place home.

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