10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marianly Tejada

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marianly Tejada

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Marianly Tejada

Marianly Tejada is not new to the acting world, but she’s also not the most famous young woman to ever grace the screen. She is, however, working diligently to change that. She’s young, she’s talented, and she’s been around, but fans have only just begun to see her talent and her skill. She is starring in the upcoming, “One of Us is Lying,” and she is going to show the world that she is not just here for a good time. She’s here to stay. Here is everything you did not know you needed to know about the young star.

1. She is a Go-Getter

If Marianly wants something, she gets it. She goes after whatever it is she has her sights on, and she doesn’t stop working until she’s gotten exactly what it is she wants. She’s a young woman who has so much to do in life, and she’s not letting things pass her by without giving them her very best shot.

2. She Wants to be an Architect

She is a young woman who knows what she wants, but she also knows that sometimes your dreams change. She dreamed of architecture, and that is where she saw herself going. She’s working on her architecture education at the moment, but she’s put it on hold so that she can focus on the bigger picture in her life.

3. She is from the Dominican Republic

Much like her co-star in her upcoming work, Cooper Van Grootel, she did not grow up in the states. In fact, while Van Grootel is Australian, she’s from the Dominican. Her life was not too different than the lives of anyone else her age, but it was also vastly different at the same time growing up in the islands.

4. She Accidentally Stumbled into Acting

She came to the United States to go to school, and it was architecture she was in school for. However, she made the decision on a whim to sneak into an acting class one day. When she did so, she got to see firsthand that maybe she could do this. She decided to move to New York, put her education on hold, and make things work for herself.

5. She is the Youngest of Five

Marianly is the youngest sister in a large family. She has four older siblings, and she might just be the traditional baby of the family, but she also loves it. She grew up in a big, exciting household with so much love to surround her. That is really what the point of family is all about – love. Growing up in a big family is amazing, and it is something that cannot be recounted.

6. She’s Very Close to Her Family

Yet another thing about large families – they are somehow so close. It’s easy to spend time together, to have fun, to make memories, and to be present with one another when you have a large family. Everyone is always there for you, and there is so much love to give when this is your reality. She is very close to her family, and that is a beautiful thing.

7. She is Driven

If there is one thing that she can say with certainty about herself, it is that she is driven. There is nothing that will stand in her way. There is nothing that will stand in front of her. There is nothing that will slow her down or make her stop what she’s doing because she doesn’t feel good enough. If she wants it, she’s got the drive to go get it.

8. She Loves Fashion

But, she doesn’t overthink it or plan too much or too far in advance. She is a woman who likes what she likes, and she is more apt to dress how she feels in the moment rather than thinking long and hard about what it is she is doing in advance. Fashion is just an extension of who you are, after all, and we are not always the same person from day to day.

9. She Loves Film

She loves photography, good film, and taking photos. She and her co-star, Cooper Van Grootel, bonded heavily over their mutual love of photography. She loves to see what a still can do, and what really great film can take a regular photo and turn it into.

10. She’s Private

While Marianly might be a famous celebrity, she’s also quite good at keeping her life to herself. She doesn’t share too much on social media, but she also comes across as being very authentic when she does find something to share. She’s exceptionally likable.architecture

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