How to Make Stranger Things Eggo Waffle Cupcakes

Okay, first off, she is just waaay too chipper. She loves to bake, that much is obvious, but she’s also so upbeat about it that even a hint of cynicism seems to be repelled from her presence. Unfortunately she also reminds me, with a great amount of unease, like a younger version of Dustin’s mom, just vapid enough to the point of being uncomfortable. The recipe for Eggo cupcakes doesn’t sound too bad, but her continuously bubbly attitude about it is something I’ve not seen in a long, long time.  Maybe I’m just a cynic but she seems like the happy go lucky woman from a horror movie that might turn around at the first hint of trouble and be ready to bury a knife in your ribs with that bubbly smile never wavering once.

I guess that would kind of fit in with Stranger Things in a way, but it’s still kind of creepy. At any rate, these cupcakes seem pretty easy to make and aren’t as intense as they might seem when you lay all the ingredients out on the counter as so many cooking shows do. The effect in that case is to show you just what’s going into the mix, not so much to freak a person out by thinking that there’s a hundred things or more that need to be remembered. I do wonder how fine of a consistency you can render Eggo waffles down to in order to prevent them from being too grainy for the mix. It seems possible but it also seems like they’re already dense enough that they might not reach powder form all that easily.

And her reaction when the waffles actually pop up? Um, okay. I suppose if I seemed that wired while on a cooking show the tiniest thing would make me jump too. Honestly she seems as though she’s wound way too tightly and could just pop off at any moment. It’s almost as though that upbeat and vaguely disturbing attitude are all that’s keeping her on an even keel. Maybe I’m being unkind but that bubbly persona doesn’t seem real in the least bit, and if it is then she’s one of the few people I’ve seen as of late that is genuinely bubbly and happy every second of the day. Personally I think it looks like a medicate smile or a I’m-getting-paid-so-suck-it-up-smile. I never did understand how folks that do these cooking spots could be so positive each second of the show without at least leaning into the act of cooking and baking as they ignore the camera for a few moments.

Of course that could be a part of what we’re not seeing when the camera cuts away which makes it a lot more understandable. Watching shows like Chopped and Iron Chef have kind of brought out the reality of what cooks and bakers are actually doing when they aren’t smiling for the camera.

But come on, this woman’s positive attitude is a little bit creepy at certain moments. At least the cupcakes look good though.

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