Loki: The Nexus Event-Recap

Loki: The Nexus Event-Recap

Things are unwinding even quicker now as there are only two episodes left in the initial season of Loki and best of all, there is a second season in development. But as this episode starts out showing Sylvie as a young Asgardian being taken in by the TVA, and by Ravonna of all people, one has to start thinking that something about this entire story still doesn’t feel quite right. It’s true that the TVA will ‘prune’ just about anything and anyone they need to in order to protect the Sacred Timeline, but taking Sylvie and pruning different versions of Asgard is definitely strange behavior. It tends to make one think that the people in charge are up to something that has yet to be revealed. Oh yes, SPOILERS are coming if you haven’t seen the episode, so stopping now to go watch or waiting until later might be a good idea. But if you’re wanting to know at least a little of what’s going on, then read on. So far things are still just as messed up as they were, but as Loki and Sylvie are saved from the destruction of Lamentis by the TVA after their growing bond creates a nexus event of course, which the Time Keepers simply can’t have apparently. 

Loki and Sylvie are no doubt important since they’re being kept from being pruned, but the constant threat of elimination is always there, especially since Sylvie isn’t about to make things easy, and Loki is still trying to figure things out. One can’t help but feel sorry for Mobius though since there’s a definite doubt in his demeanor and it’s kind of apparent that everything that’s been said to him has been sinking in slowly but surely. With the revelation that everyone who works at the TVA is a variant though, the unraveling of the TVA begins yet again as Loki, who is still coming to grips with how he feels about himself, about Sylvie, and about their situation, continues to evolve as the story pushes on. Sylvie, who’s been on the run from the TVA since she was a child, has no such misgivings since she knows enough to understand that the TVA is all smoke and mirrors. But upon being taken before the Time Keepers and breaking free thanks to Hunter B-15, Lokie and Sylvie eventually slay everyone but Ravonna and discover the hidden truth about the Time Keepers.

Where the story is going to head from here is hard to say since the sudden removal of Loki from the story is no doubt going to have a profound effect on the story, Mobius, and the entire TVA at one point. Next Wednesday can’t come quickly enough for a lot of people no doubt since the events of this episode weren’t just enough to confuse and confound several fans but were definitely enough to keep fostering various theories that have already been cropping up over the last few episodes. One can easily guess that a lot of people are hoping to see Kang the Conqueror eventually, but until the next two episodes come we won’t really know what’s going to happen. 

I don’t want to reveal too much since this episode definitely left a lot of fans gasping and wondering what in the world was going on as the seconds ticked by and Sylvie and Ravonna were the last two left once the credits started to roll. But even better is that this time around there was a post-credits scene, with Loki no less, and any idea of what’s about to happen is best left to the imagination, or to those that are going to analyze every single second of this episode to find the clues, Easter eggs, and other moments that might tell us what will transpire when Loki returns next Wednesday. Some fans might even think they have everything figured out by this point, and that’s not hard to imagine since those that do sit and watch these shows repetitively and possibly cross-reference them with various comic book issues are likely to have a small booklet of theories at their beck and call when they need it. Okay, maybe that’s a little too nutty, but it wouldn’t be wise to bet against it. 

The funny thing is that this show appears to be arguing for Loki’s turn as an almost heroic character, but it could be one character being slightly less bad than a clandestine organization that was created for a very strange and foreboding reason. His torment at the hands of Sif while stuck in his own time loop as punishment was amusing, but it also showed that he was aware of his actions and that he now realizes how wrong they were. At least the MCU didn’t bring up the Norse legend of Loki tying Thor’s manhood to a goat to play tug of war. That might have been awkward. 

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