Full House: Four Huge Discrepancies Audiences Missed

Full House: Four Huge Discrepancies Audiences Missed


Full House fans are getting pumped for the release of the spin-off series Fuller House on Netflix. All thirteen episodes of the new series will be released on February 26th. This will most likely cause an influx of 30 somethings calling into work that day and starting their weekend early. The series should bring back many classic memories of the iconic series that ran from 1987-1995. Remember when Stephanie drove Joey’s car through the kitchen? Or how about when Danny was teaching DJ how to drive? Those, like many other hilarious family moments, are what made Full House such a success. However, there were a few things you may have thought were out of place when watching the series in reruns. Take a look at these four discrepancies we picked up on from watching the episodes of Full House over and over and over again. Just remember that this piece is for entertainment purposes only, and should not be taken so literally.

Full House: Four Huge Discrepancies Audiences Missed

1. Where did Everyone on Full House Park Their Car?

The above image is constantly being featured on Full House. The one thing that is always missing from the image is any cars in the driveway. The Tanner family once had a garage, but it was then converted into a room for Joey. That room would then turn into Jesse’s music studio. By the time DJ got her license, there would have been five family members that could drive. Though all cars could be parked on the road, this would most likely annoy their neighbors taking up so many parking spots. And I am guessing Jesse would want his motorcycle in a secure area in case of rain.


2. The Window in Stephanie and Michelle’s Bedroom

When you are watching a TV show like Full House, you may have thought to yourself, “Hey, the layout of this house does not match the exterior images of the home.” In the case of Full House, that is not entirely incorrect. The large bay window on the second floor is from Stephanie and Michelle’s room. That window should be behind Stephanie’s bed and not off to the side according to exterior images of the home. If you look at the picture of the house above, it shows that the stairs to the attic are in front of the bedroom, which would not align with the exterior shot of the home. And those large bedrooms would never fit in that house!


3. The Full House Attic

Let’s refer back to the image of the Full House home from outside. Clearly, there is not room for a livable attic as the window of Stephanie and Michelle’s room almost reaches the roof. There could possibly be an attic that one could crawl in, but Jesse and Becky would not be able to live in that space. However, The Huffington Post has released aerial photos that show the roof is pointed, which could give the couple more livable space. Check out the article here.


4. DJ’s closet

The above photo show’s DJ’s room when Michelle was living there. Notice that the wall just juts out behind the door, probably for set design purposes. This area would become DJ’s closet when she moved into the room. Michelle had quite a nice size closet along the other wall. However, when DJ moved into the room, Michelle’s closet was turned into a built-in shelf. That seems like a lot of work, especially when a perfectly good closet was already in the room. Danny would only have had to move the closet shelving to fit a teen’s clothing vs. a young child’s clothes.

Do you know of any other Full House discrepancies? Let us know in the comments section below.

Photos by ABC and hookonhouses.net

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