Grey’s Anatomy 7.12 “Start Me Up” Review

It was a return to old school form in this weeks’s Grey’s Anatomy. No major explosions, shootings or traumas to deal with. Just a couple of interesting medical cases involving a girl born without cheek bones and a man ran over by a horse drawn carriage and of course, lots of talk about the love and relationships of the staff of Seattle Grace.

This week’s episode also brought some familiar faces from previously aired awesome shows, most notably, Wilson Cruz (My So Called Life), Adam Busch (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Amber Stevens (Greek).

Although the focus of this week’s episode was on Arizona trying to win her beloved Callie back, the writers did a nice job of spreading the wealth around and touching upon all the characters.

Bailey and her nurse boy toy Eli were adorable. The Chief’s sly mention of the race for chief resident was perfect. Meredith taking a pregnancy test every 5 minutes was quite comical and the new interns were pretty spot on in their evaluations of the residents.

In a supporting storyline, Henry (guest star Scott Foley) finally got his surgery and the rest of Seattle Grace learned Teddy married him so that he could do so. The scene with Henry and Teddy where they discussed emergency contacts tore at my heart a bit and I think, well I hope, we saw some inklings of a new relationship for Teddy. The woman deserves some love even if it’s with a cancer ridden patient. I’d like Henry to stick around for a while. The actors have some good chemistry and he’s really easy on the eyes so he fits the Grey’s mold pretty well.

Wilson Cruz’s storyline was also a win this week. I like how through him the writers showed their stance on gay marriage but were not preachy about it. It was heartbreaking to watch when he told Callie that all he wanted was for his day to be special just like everyone else’s is and for his partner to know that he was the best thing that ever happened to him. Although it didn’t go as planned, I think his partner did realize this. I also think it may have opened Callie’s eyes a bit.

Watching Callie hold her ground against Arizona was great throughout the episode but it wasn’t until the last moment when I thought she was going to crack and take her back that I was really enthralled. This was when she dropped the bomb that she was pregnant with Mark’s baby…..and since that’s the case, would Arizona even want to get back together?

I’m thinking ‘YES’ since one of the themes of tonight’s episode seemed to be Arizona figuring out her flaws, specifically, the fact that she runs away when things get hard. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects the dynamic between Callie, her best friend, and her ex-girlfriend. Furthermore, how will this affect things between Mark and Lexie?

We have a bit of time to figure it all out as there won’t be a new episode of Grey’s until February 3rd. So let us know what you think in the comments below!

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