10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Shipping Wars”

When Shipping Wars debuted in 2012, the world had never seen anything like it. The series centers around a group of shippers who make money by shipping extremely large items that many other shippers won’t handle. The cast members compete for the biggest hauls and things get pretty intense. Despite the show’s popularity, it went on hiatus in 2015 after seven seasons. However, fans were extremely excited in 2021 when news broke that the series would finally be returning for its 8th season. Even though lots of things have changed since the last time we saw Shipping Wars, the series promises to bring the entertainment and excitement it became known for.  Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about the show Shipping Wars.

1. Show Extras Are Available On The A&E Website

If you’re the kind of viewer who loves to stay in the loop with your favorite shows in between episodes, you’ll be excited to know that show extras and other Shipping Wars content are available through the A&E website. It’ll be interesting to see what kinds of new content are available on the website once season 8 gets underway.

2. The Auctions Are Scripted

Over the years, we’ve all come to accept the fact that reality TV isn’t exactly real. Various things are staged and/or edited to ensure that the show is entertaining and that everything goes according to plan. Unfortunately, Shipping Wars is no exception. The auction segment of the show is actually pre-planned.

3. Jennifer Brennan Was Doxxed

Being in the public eye may seem like fun and games, but the truth is that being in the spotlight can actually be a little risky. Shipping Wars cast member Jennifer Brennan learned about this the hard way. Jennifer was doxxed by members of a Facebook group. For those who aren’t familiar with doxxing, it is what happens when a person’s private information is shared on a public platform without the person’s consent.

4. A Former Producer Sued The Show

Although Shipping Wars was a very successful show during its initial run, things behind the scenes weren’t always peaches and cream. Jocelyn Schutte, who was a producer on Shipping Wars, sued the show’s production company, Megalomedia, over unpaid wages. In the lawsuit, she claimed that she was never compensated for working overtime.

5. Information On The New Cast Is Being Kept Under Wraps

Even though we’re already on the brink of the premiere of the 8th season, A&E still hasn’t released any information on who will be part of the cast. At the moment, it’s unclear if the show’s original stars will be returning or if there will be a completely new group of shippers.

6. The Show Had A UK Version

Due to the show’s popularity in the United States, another version was made for the United Kingdom. Shipping Wars UK debuted in 2014 and lasted for just two seasons. Although the American version is returning, that doesn’t appear to be the case for the UK version.

7. Jarrett Joyce Is Much Smarter Than He Seemed On The Show

Anyone who has seen Shipping Wars knows that Jarrett Joyce often came off as a little clueless. In reality, however, it appears that he was just putting on a show for the cameras. More than likely, producers decided that this would be his role and he went along with it.

8. It’s Unclear Why Shipping Wars Took Such A Long Break

After season 7, many Shipping Wars fans probably assumed that the show was canceled for good. We weren’t able to find any information on the reason for Shipping Wars’ long hiatus. Chances are that it may have had something to do with ratings. Hopefully, the eighth season will be successful enough to get the show renewed again.

9. The Show Brought Trucking Companies Lots Of Business

Shipping Wars wasn’t just popular among viewers, it also brought lots of attention to the shipping world. In fact, the success of the show brought lots of new business to several shipping companies. When the show ended after its seventh season, several of those companies were forced to close their doors due to the slow down in business.

10. The Show Doesn’t Have A Social Media Presence

Following shows on social media has become increasingly popular. Sadly, though, Shipping Wars fans won’t have that opportunity. The show doesn’t have any official social media profiles. Hopefully, that will change if the show is able to return to its original glory. On the bright side, however, several of the show’s original cast members have social media accounts so fans can keep up with them individually.

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