10 Things You Never Knew about TV Series “Moral Orel”

Despite being claymation Morel Orel was featured on Adult Swim so you know that it has to have had some content that kids wouldn’t fully understand or comprehend. This also tends to mean that such shows are controversial when it comes to their subject matter and how they present it. Moral Orel was a show that featured a main character that was deeply religious and yet made decisions based on a religious code that went to extremes most times. If you never watched the show don’t feel too bad since it was only on the air from 2005 to 2009 when it was cancelled. It would seem that the Adult Swim execs and the creator didn’t always see eye to eye and at times would disagree quite vehemently over certain subjects and how to present them. In terms of a cartoon showing subject matter that is dark and at times kind of disturbing it does seem like there might be a problem, but when one is showing their content on Adult Swim, the same place where Rick and Morty can be seen, then there shouldn’t be a lot of argument as to what can be shown and what’s taboo.

Cartoon Network and its affiliates have certainly gotten more racy and hardcore throughout the years it seems.

10. Five seasons were planned initially.

The show was cut off after three seasons since the execs at Adult Swim felt it was getting too depressing. Ironically they were the ones saying that it needed to get darker. Unfortunately it seems their idea of dark still had more light to it than the creator was willing to give.

9. The show was cancelled as it seemed to be getting depressing.

The whole idea was for Orel to transition through each season until by the last one he became a rational-minded adult that could think for himself and knew the consequences of his actions before he took them. It seems that the execs weren’t willing to wait that long to see if the show turned around.

8. It was because of one episode that the show was cancelled.

The episode in question just went beyond dark and it caused a lot of friction in the head office, thereby giving Adult Swim all the reason they needed to go ahead and cancel the show. The creator was none too happy but couldn’t do much about it. The episode titled Alone was just too much for the executives and turned them off to the show entirely.

7. The script was originally written for Iggy Pop.

The creator took the script to the rocker in an attempt to get him on board, but after a meeting that was less than pleasing he decided to instead alter the episode that became known as Waste. It’s kind of curious what Iggy might have said to the creator to put him in such a mood. Likely it wasn’t anything good or complimentary.

6. Scott Adsit’s family was greatly upset by one of the episodes.

The religious implications of the episode God’s Chef. His family, who are all devout in their faith, argued with him incessantly about this matter until he threatened to quit the show. Eventually he and his family reconciled and he went back to work.

5. The creator based one of the characters on himself.

The character was basically who the creator might have been if he’d never gotten divorced. The propensity of creators, authors, and anyone else that creates something like this to put an element of themselves into the creation is pretty normal. Some say it’s a power trip, while others say it’s a simple pleasure reserved for those that actually create something.

4. Some of the characters have names that are related to claymation.

Some of the names are Clay, Doughy, Shapey, Reverend Putty, and Coach Stopframe. It’s an amusing play on words since no one needs reminding of what they’re watching. But all the same it spices up the show a bit and makes it a little more whimsical.

3. Some of the episodes were pretty dark.

The subjects covered in this show could get pretty intense and for some viewers and the execs it was seen that the creator might have been going a bit too far. If those from Adult Swim are saying that your work is too dark and too disturbing for them then it might be time to hit the drawing board again. Just remember that Rick and Morty are on Adult Swim, so if it’s worse than them it’s time to change a few things around.

2. The show is a satirical representation of Middle American suburban life.

Middle America has been parodied so many times in films and in TV that it’s amazing anyone can come up with a fresh idea at this point. Surely all the best ideas have come and gone, or so we thought.

1. Orel is a Protestant Christian.

He also lives by a very strict moral code that he takes to extremes at times.

It’s a very odd show, have an open mind when watching.

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