How Much of “Total Divas” is Real and How Much is Fake?

The WWE is one of those brands that seems to have just always been around. For decades it has produced show after show and gained legions of fans. With the growth of the company, new shows have been developed, which has helped to diversify what was produced and provided viewers with new shows to watch. Now, the show “Total Divas” has been produced, which is all about the women who participate in the WWE and the way they interact with one another while outside of the ring.

Even though occasional mishaps occurs, the show was designed to highlight the diva’s private lives and what they have to deal with when they are not in the ring. However, the question most people have related to this show is, “how much of “Total Divas” is fake? and how much of it is real.

According to Sources, the Show is Mainly Scripted

For the mature fans of this show, they likely understand that scripting what happens is just a part of the show. However, others want to believe that the dialogue is real and that the situations that go on during the show are all too real. This is completely wrong. The show, “Total Divas” is totally scripted and designed to move forward with very few issues. While this is the case, from time to time the camera can catch a little mishap of one of the cast members saying or doing something they didn’t mean to.

Real Life Occurs During the Show

With the cameras rolling pretty much non-stop, it means that even though everything is scripted, there are situations when things just happen. Also, there isn’t a script that will be able to determine what happens next in these situations. Some of the real life that is seen on the show includes accidents in the ring that occur if someone is kicked or hit the wrong way, or partying that goes on all night and leads to someone throwing up on another person’s dress. There is some reality in the show, and you never know when it may show up.

The Truth Behind “Total Divas”

The fact is, “Total Divas” is just another product that was created to hype the WWE brand. It is designed to give fans an “insider’s look” at what goes on outside the ring with some of the leading ladies. Unfortunately, the majority of the show (like, 99.9 percent of it) is completely scripted. This means that fans aren’t getting a real look of what goes on behind the scenes. They are just getting a glimpse of another well-orchestrated, planned out show that helps to build the WWE brand and make it even more popular.

While there is nothing wrong with this, it is important that fans realize what they are seeing is planned out for optimum effect. They shouldn’t buy into all the hype or drama, but instead take the show for what it really is — entertainment.

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