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Credit: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

There’s a lot to unpack with this trailer to be certain since it’s already been established that Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 is going to be the last, and therefore it’s bound to be the biggest of the trio when all is said and done. The opening makes it clear that the Guardians have been away from their duties for a while, and this isn’t too hard to figure out since the events of Endgame and the holiday special that just showed up on Disney+. But what they’re going to be up to is hard to say at the moment, though since the High Evolutionary is going to be the main villain, apparently, it’s fair to state that things will get out of control very quickly. Their appearance is going to change since their uniforms feel more comic-book-accurate now, but it’s uncertain whether they’re going to be starting out in them or will end up in them at some point. It’s a prediction that they’ll end up in them at one point since going after the High Evolutionary could very easily mean that the team’s appearance on a planet with animal/human hybrids means that they will have reached the High Evolutionary’s stronghold. It’s a weak prediction, but it does feel as though it could be accurate. 

Adam Warlock doesn’t look too bad. 

It was a guess as to how good or accurate Will Poulter would appear as Adam Warlock, but so far from this trailer, he’s not perfect, but he’s not a walking trainwreck either in appearance. How he portrays the character is going to be the deciding factor since, during his time in the comics, Warlock has been a tough figure for some people really get behind. Since he’s been an ally of Thanos, he’s held the Infinity Gauntlet after the comic book saga, and he’s been kind of a troublesome individual in the eyes of many. But the fact is that he does come with a lot of promise if the MCU decides to use him beyond this movie since he’s been a key character in three Infinity Stones stories. Since he wasn’t present in the first saga, though, it’s kind of tough to think that either the Magus or the Goddess would make an appearance in the MCU unless, of course, things were changed in a big way. 

So the holiday special Groot was accurate apparently. 

In a few ways, the appearance of Groot in the GoTG Holiday Special felt like it might have been a one-time thing that didn’t need to be that impressive, but it looks as though that same appearance will be used in the upcoming movie. Thankfully, it also appears that CGI will be a big part of the suit since one of the last parts of this trailer shows Groot and Peter squaring off against several enemies. The image of Groot using several tendrils/branches to back Peter up is nothing short of impressive, especially since he’s using his customary line as he starts firing off in all directions. It’s a big hope that Groot isn’t one of those that are destined to die in this movie since fans might find a lot to say about this development. 

Credit: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Is Rocket going to die in this volume? 

It’s already been established in the comics that Rocket Raccoon saw his end coming at one point, as the comics made it clear that he wasn’t meant to last and that he would eventually cease to be. But the way that James Gunn is setting this movie up has a lot of fans panicking since the appearance of baby Rocket is enough to stir up a lot of emotions. The other image that shows him nearly at the end is a stark contrast that people can’t help but see as the final nail in Rocket’s coffin. This is a sad state of things since Rocket has become one of the most beloved Guardians since the trilogy started, and he’s been one of those that has managed to gain and maintain a following since he and Groot were seen as one of the best duos in the MCU early on. 

Things are going to change. That much is obvious. 

Change is a part of the MCU at this time, as it’s already been seen, but as to who is going to die, who might return, and whether we’ll see any of the Guardians after this movie is a question that people are already asking. No one is safe at this time unless they have a place in another movie later on, and even then, it’s not a guarantee that they’ll have a long and well-secured future in the franchise. It’s an easy guess as to how things are going to shake out for a couple of characters, but until the movie hits the big screen, it’s all a lot of guesswork. 

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