Yes, The High Evolutionary is Needed in the MCU

Yes, The High Evolutionary is Needed in the MCU

Yes, The High Evolutionary is Needed in the MCU

The MCU needs a villain that can stick around and is capable of evolving from one movie to the next, and at this moment, several of the choices that have been made aren’t that great since they’ve been useful for a movie or two, but have faded out quickly. It’s not entirely accurate to say that the MCU has never seen a villain of his caliber, but the High Evolutionary, initially known as Herbert Wyndham, is the type of villain that one can’t figure out as easily as others, as even Thanos is a little too simple in his planning compared to this character. The High Evolutionary is the type of villain that is more than a little unpredictable since between his experiments and the madness that he deals with continually, it’s fair to say that he’s hard to figure out. Some might call him insidious for wanting to mess around with genetics, while others might call him a revolutionary that is attempting to usher in a new way of life that might be beneficial. The downside of this is that his attempts are often against the will of creation itself, as his hubris and arrogance are hard to miss. 

But as a villain, he would stand out in a way that would be great since he could be a nameless threat to start with, one that would end up being on par with Thanos, Mr. Sinister, and many others throughout the Marvel universe. Plus, his presence could increase the cosmic lean of the MCU since the High Evolutionary has been around long enough and has spread his influence far and wide enough to make it possible to think that he might have already been operating under the noses of most people during the events that have shaped the MCU over the years. While his power levels tend to fluctuate, making him harder to pin down, the effect that his experiments have isn’t too hard to see. 

The idea that such a villain hasn’t been seen in the MCU yet might sound cliched and even a little boastful without any proof. But the fact is that not even Thanos was quite as much of a threat as the High Evolutionary since it’s true that Thanos wanted to eliminate half of all life in the universe, but that still pales in comparison, in a way, to what the High Evolutionary is all about. This is the type of guy that experiments with DNA simply because he can because he has a vision that doesn’t bend to morality or ethics, but pushes ahead because the opportunity is there and he’s going to take it. The Evolutionary Wars, which was a crossover event that a lot of comic book fans can likely remember, proved just how nuts this character really is, not to mention that he’s insanely intelligent, as in on par with the likes of Thanos and Doctor Doom, if not quite as evil. One of the most confusing characteristics of the High Evolutionary is that while his acts are seen as evil, he’s not nearly as bad as several other villains, and has actually benefited the heroes more than once. 

It could be said that he’s a neutral party, at least sometimes, but a lot of individuals would agree that how he creates his various designs and experiments labels him as dangerous no matter what. The fact that he can actually make himself smarter and is already at a Celestial level is terrifying for some folks in the comics since it makes this character indescribably powerful, and capable of more than any one human being should be. When it comes to intelligence, the High Evolutionary is actually listed as being smarter than Ultron, which is tough to believe given that machines are often thought to be far smarter than any biological being, at least from one perspective. Bringing him in as a villain would be easy enough since the way he goes about his business might be labeled as wrong by quite a few people, but getting down to the motivation behind the reason he creates life would be of great interest to a lot of fans. 

Seeing the Evolutionary Wars come to the MCU, preferably in series form, would be of great interest since the crossover possibilities would be intense, as this event involved several different individuals and teams such as Spider-Man, the Punisher, the West Coast Avengers, the X-Men, X-Factor, and others. It could easily be another big event that would take the MCU at least a couple of years to get through. But whether it would be better to put this type of character on the big screen or on Disney+ as a series is hard to say, since it could be a truly spectacular event if the right actors were selected. 

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