Let’s Talk About American Horror Stories

The level of connectivity seen in American Horror Stories and American Horror Story is amazing despite the fact that both shows play themselves off as separate stories that are held together by a few key threads. The Murder House is by far one of the strongest threads that’s held AHS together since its inception, and the use of this strange but alluring gateway to hell has continued to be the linchpin to which many of the stories return. Of course, there are going to be outliers that might not fit into the overall narrative quite as well, but there are still plenty of interesting openings that will hopefully be seen to tease the edges of new stories when season 2 arrives, presumably in the summer of 2022, around the same time that the first season came out, meaning August, or somewhere close. It’s a bit of a wait to be certain, but it’s still something that people will be anticipating since the idea that the stories could touch upon even more of the material that’s already been developed in a new way that might spark even more interest in those that haven’t come to learn about and enjoy all that AHS has to offer when it comes to chills and thrills. 

The first season makes it very clear that the lean toward inclusion has been very strong when it comes to AHS as the stories tend to showcase alternative lifestyles in a manner that is fairy positive and is easy to integrate into each episode, as it tends to make each story a little better in a very impressive way. Some might have found the need to cringe when such material is shown, but in the interest of keeping a story flowing, a lot of us will adapt in one way or another, and paying attention to the story is what makes it easy to accept that yes, inclusion and diversity in one manner or another does tend to make things interesting. 

The initial appearance of Murder House had to be a treat for a lot of fans since it’s been such a central location to the overall story at this point that one has to wonder if even the fact that it’s gone now is going to be enough to leave it behind. Where the next focal point might be, if that’s the plan, is interesting to think about since there do appear to be a few different locations that might offer up a suitable well of ideas that could keep coming for the foreseeable future. It is a wonder though if we’re going to see more characters transfer from one show to the other and back and forth again. That actually sounds like a lot of fun and could make for a very interesting and delicately balanced set of stories that would be able to keep going for as long as the actors and the creators are down for it. One can only imagine how many new and well-established actors would say yes to a chance to be a part of either series, especially given that it’s been going for a straight decade now and it has yet to trip so badly that it needs to simply go away. 

The fact that American Horror Story has been given the green light for seasons 11 through 13 and American Horror Stories will be back for a season 2 is evidence that people have found something they want to hold onto for a while to come. What’s even better is the thought that those that are still growing up and growing into the horror genre are bound to catch on and possibly demand more and more thrills as the years go on. Reporting on and recapping this show has been something of a pleasure since there’s always something to talk about, some theory to further, some prediction to make. One can only wait in anticipation to see what will be coming down the road with each new episode, and after watching American Horror Stories it’s fair to think that we don’t really know what’s going to happen, and that’s great. Too many people want to be able to divine what they’re going to see, and while it’s great to be proven right after making a serious number of guesses based on analysis that’s not always as reliable as people think. 

So what’s the future bring for American Horror Stories? That’s a good question, especially since so much groundwork has been laid. But until it comes back this next summer it’s bound to happen that people are going to be lighting up a small portion of the internet with theories and ideas of what’s going to happen. I should know, I’ll probably be one of those that will be offering up why this or that shouldn’t happen and what a difference it could make with the show. Hey, it’s worth every word.  

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