Guy Gets Blasted by Fire Hose in Extreme Slow Motion

Guy Gets Blasted by Fire Hose in Extreme Slow Motion

Getting blasted by a fire hose is bad enough, but seeing the effect in slow motion thanks to the SloMo guys is something else. The level of surprise in the first bit seems pretty comical even though he knew it was coming. A fire hose is nothing to be messed around with most times but this is kind of fun to watch since you get a good idea of just what it can do. The first bit is hilarious simply because the guy is getting it right in the gut and the crotch right before he goes tipping over from the force.

The second part is kind of funny since it proves that there’s enough force behind that water to push him across the stage on a skateboard. I don’t get the feeling that it’s all that much fun to take a water jet that powerful to the rear, but at least he had pants on. The third part is even funnier since this time he’s coming forward, trying to see if he can walk against the pressure. He does pretty well until he gets just close enough that he can’t keep his footing and goes down, face first, into the spray. I think that proves that fire hoses are very powerful, but I somehow don’t get the feeling that it was at full power.

I could be wrong however, since I’ve never actually tried to walk into a fire hose going at full tilt. I don’t imagine it feels all that good since it wouldn’t be anything like taking a shower. Instead it would be more like getting pummeled relentlessly by a battering ram of liquid that wouldn’t just push at you, but would drag you down and make the footing treacherous the longer you went forward. These guys are fun to watch since when you back to the slow motion of it you can see just how much the water is really hammering him and what kind of effect it’s taking as he’s trying to withstand the water. That kind of force though is hard to stand up against without giving ground steadily and having to bow out finally when you can’t stand up anymore.

There’s a reason that water cannons are used for riot control. They might not be the norm in some cases but when they’re put on full tilt they can knock people down and make others think twice about standing up against them. The force of the water coming out is no joke, as with enough pressure it can leave bruises and even internal damage if you get too close. Ever put your finger against the tip of a pressure washer? You can actually cut yourself if you’re not careful, so think of what might happen if you get too close to a water cannon. If the stream doesn’t do any damage than the resulting fall will. These guys at least seemed to keep the pressure just high enough to make a point but not so high that it would incapacitate the guy.

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