Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 9 Review: “End of Days”

Hart of Dixie

Rumors and social media posts over the last couple of weeks all but confirm that this is Hart of Dixie‘s final season, marking this particular episode as its probable penultimate episode.  I wouldn’t want the series to end any other way if this super fun episode is any indication of what to expect next week.

Annabeth has an ominous dream of Cyrus Lavinius Jeremiah Jones (also known as the Bluebell founder) warning her of five omens to come that will foresee the end of life as she knows it by midnight.  Since Cyrus did appear to her as Lavon dressed in colonial garb, I thought it would have been another practical joke that would make sense by the end.  Instead, the omens do start to occur, driving everyone insane.  At first Crickett was the only believer of the story, but word spread like wildfire as it always does in Bluebell.

Our three favorite couples all met for what they hope is the first of many brunches together: Lavon and Lemon at the heads of the table, with George and Annabeth and Zoe and Wade on either sides.  It was really refreshing to see them all able to joke about their pasts, as a few are dating each other’s exes, but more importantly, they’re all mature enough now to cheers to a future where they’re all friends.  Even though there was a major decision made by one of these characters that saw him leaving town by the end of the night, I still think they’ll see each other for holidays and keep in touch.

After their brunch, Zoe and Wade had some visitors in town: Uncle Brando and his new wife, who is also Joel’s mom.  This was maybe the first mention of Joel all season, so I was slightly hoping to at least hear from her that he’s doing well, wherever he ended up.  Many fans hated him last year, but by the end, he really wasn’t a bad guy at all.  Just not the guy for Zoe, because clearly that is all Wade.  Brando brings up the subject of marriage to Zoe and Wade, which threw them for a loop when Zoe explicitly says that she doesn’t believe in it.

Long story short, Zoe and George help each other through their current predicaments just like they did back in the first season.  They even take a trip to New Orleans, mirroring their last time there before George decided to call off his wedding and Zoe took comfort in Wade.  Only now the difference is George is convincing Zoe that marrying Wade isn’t just about a piece of paper to him.  He’s been the biggest ladies man around, as George very well knows, and he’s seen a remarkable change in his old friend because of Zoe.  In turn, Zoe encourages George to consider the job offer he received from Meatball’s famous country singer to move to Nashville and be her manager.

All of this leads up to midnight with everyone out in the town square, counting down their supposed last minutes on earth.  Nothing apocalyptic happens precisely at midnight, but there were a few key conversations held just before that all became public knowledge then.  First, Lavon and Lemon were taking a walk on his plantation where they discovered Zoe’s proposal of lighted candles that spelled out “Marry Me.”  Naturally, Lemon mistook it as Lavon’s doing and immediately accepted.  He wants to marry her anyway, so he wasn’t about to disappoint her.  Zoe and Wade will get their own time to shine, sometime in between the birth of their baby and Lavon and Lemon’s wedding next week!

George and Annabeth choose to chase their dreams, even if that means being physically apart.  She still has nursing school to finish, but by the time she’s done with that, chances are she could try for jobs in Nashville too.  George takes the opportunity at midnight to announce to everyone that he’ll be leaving in the morning.  His speech, and Tom’s reaction especially, were definitely tearjerkers.

I can’t wait to see what this season/series finale has in store for us!  From the looks of the preview, a lot of happy endings are coming to all these characters who deserve the best in life.  I only wish we could get a few more years to spend with them, but we have to be optimistic and be thankful we got as much time with them as we did!

Notable quotables:

-”If you don’t marry him, I will.” -Lavon to Zoe after Wade admitted he’s cared about marriage ever since he met her.  Awww!

-”Bluebell’s more than just a town. It’s a family and it’s my home.  And it always will be.  As of tomorrow, I wont be living here anymore.” -George’s farewell to his Bluebell family

-”George is leaving. Cyrus was right. This is the end of Bluebell as we know it.”  -Tom

So, are you prepared for this finale next week?!

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