Does Leonardo DiCaprio Really Want to Play Stan Lee in a Biopic Film?

Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio was a Marvel fan? Neither did I, but it’s more than apparent now since he says he wants to do a biopic of Stan Lee, AS Stan Lee. That’s right, the golden boy Leo DiCaprio wants to star in the eventual biopic of Stan Lee. It’s not such a far flung thing to think that someday such a film will be made. Lee has after all been the driving force behind Marvel comics for so many years that it’s hard to think of the brand without picturing him right next to it. Despite any disputes claiming that he hasn’t given the artists and writers enough credit the fact remains that Stan Lee is still Marvel’s front man and has been their public face for some time now. He’s done a great deal to make the brand something special and thankfully he doesn’t discount anything that anyone else has done.

He’s had his tiffs of course with a few people here and there, but that’s the nature of business, and Stan Lee has kept his business going for longer than many of us have been alive. The guy deserves a ton of respect and if Leo could study Stan well enough to get his mannerisms and speech patterns down then he might actually be worth of the role.

There’s no such movie in the works at this time but you have to imagine that it will happen sooner rather than later. Stan and Leo have actually discussed the possibility and have agreed that it could be a good film if properly presented. Knowing Hollywood there will be a bit more to the story than actually happens to make it more exciting and possibly more viewer-friendly, but it might be really interesting to see a story based on the life and times of Stan Lee.

To be honest it would be cool at least get the idea of how Marvel comics came to be and how Stan and his artists came up with some of the most iconic characters. You’d have to include someone in the film to play the part of the recently deceased Len Wein and of course you’d have to get someone to play the part of Jack Kirby.  There are so many important individuals that would be necessary to showcase in this film that it might well be packed with star power by the time it’s all said and done.

You’ve got to remember that Stan Lee has been around for a while, so the film would have to go through some of the more important periods of his life and skip a few others to get to the point. Maybe he’d even be up for a cameo somewhere in the movie just for kicks.

This could be a great idea if and when it ever comes to fruition. I think I’d actually go see it, and I’m not usually the kind that goes to see biopics. But this is Stan Lee we’re talking about, a guy that’s responsible for the many comics that I spent so much of my allowance on.

It’d be a sign of respect to go see it I think.


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