Kim Kardashian and Jackie Kennedy Onassis: The Similarities

Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Regarded as one of the most stylish, elegant, and graceful first ladies this country has ever seen. So it’s no shock that when Kim Kardashian channeled her for a new photo shoot in Interview Magazine, it drew more than just a little controversy. Styled as Miss Kennedy, Kim Kardashian appeared in the spread alongside her daughter North West.

Could this be a further hint to Kanye West speculated 2020 presidential run? Who knows, all I know is that the internet quickly blasted Kim for doing a cover as the former First Lady.  Many said it was a shame or even outright disrespectful. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll quickly notice that these women share more than a few similarities.

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s start here:

Both grew up with wealthy fathers.

It’s no secret that Kim’s father, Robert Kardashian Sr. was a highly successful attorney who first gained national recognition as O.J Simpson’s friend and defense attorney during his 1995 murder trial. Before his death in 2003 from cancer he was worth over $30 million. This afforded Kim Kardashian and her siblings a life of luxury in their childhood years. Jackie Kennedy Onassis childhood wasn’t much different. Her father John Vernou Bouvier III was a successful Wall Street stock broker. After her father and mother divorced her mother married Standard Oil heir Hugh Dudley Auchincloss, Jr. The success of her family allowed her to go to some of the best schools in the country and enjoy a pretty comfortable childhood similar to Kardashian.

Both of their fathers died from Cancer.

Kim Kardashian’s father died after a very short battle with esophageal cancer in 2003. Jackie Kennedy’s father died of Liver Cancer in 1957 at the age of 66. Unfortunately, this is a tie that brings these two women’s legacy closer together.

Both grew up with mother’s that were socialites.

Before becoming a television personality and Momager Kris Jenner was Kristen Kardashian, a Los Angeles socialite that was friends with O.J Simpson and other notable celebrities. Jackie Kennedy’s mother also was a socialite, although she was a New York socialite that came from a successful family and married wealthy men.

Both are descendants of American immigrants.

The parents of both of these women are multinational and of immigrant descent. Kim’s mother is Dutch, English, Irish, and Scottish. Her father is the son of Armenian American parents. Jackie Kennedy, on the other hand, is born of Irish, French, Scottish, and English ancestry.

Both had very famous, influential, and often controversial husbands.

It doesn’t get more influential than being the president of the United States. However, along with massive influence, John F. Kennedy reigned as one of the most famous and controversial Presidents in history. Kanye West isn’t half as powerful as John F. Kennedy, but his cultural influence is undeniable. And as far as popularity and controversy. There aren’t many celebrities that are more famous than Kanye, and wherever Kanye go’s controversy follows. Both of these women were attracted to successful men. But obviously, it was more than just the success that attracted them…


Should the internet had been in such a rage about Kim Kardashian doing a photo shoot as Jackie Kennedy? That’s up for debate… I mean… If you’re fans of the current First Lady, then Kim can’t be but a stone’s throw away. I personally say let Kim live… I mean… What do you expect? This is what the Kardashians do. If you really want to express your displeasure then ignore her… The end goal is always attention with the Kardashians. In that regards this photo shoot has been a major success…

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