10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paige DeSorbo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Paige DeSorbo

Paige DeSorbo

Raised in a close-knit family where they all sat down to have dinner every night, Paige DeSorbo attended Catholic school from kindergarten through college. Despite this background, she is now known for her appearances on the show “Summer House,” where drinking and hooking up are commonplace. Nonetheless, Paige has long been passionate about showbiz, beginning her modeling career at the age of five. Her exquisite fashion sense has gained her recognition and has allowed her to pursue her fashion blog. Here is all you need to know about Paige DeSorbo.

1. Her only regret for being on camera

Unlike most people, who won’t watch any of the shows they’ve been cast in, Paige enjoys watching every minute of “Summer House.” By the time the first season was halfway through, she and the rest of the cast had formed a group to keep chatting about the show, and for Paige, it was a fantastic experience. Unfortunately, as much as she loved seeing herself on the screen, the reality star still wishes she could go back and change one thing. Paige told AOL she disliked her posture and tried to improve it for the rest of the season.

2. She knew she would be best friends with Amanda by watching the show

Paige admits that making friends, especially in one’s twenties, can be a bit strange. Consequently, she was aware that even if she attended the house and someone told her that another person was unkind, she would have to observe and form her own opinion. Before Paige eventually ended up on the show, by simply watching Amanda, she knew that she and Amanda would become the best of friends – and she was correct.

3. She has expensive taste

Paige is someone who will always opt for the most exquisite thing she can find. Even at 21, she was already aware of the importance of having a high-quality bag; thus, to celebrate her birthday, she saved up for the entire year to purchase a Céline bag. Céline bags are quite costly, with the minimum price being $2,500. She also confessed that she had saved some money to buy a Chanel bag, another brand that is not inexpensive.

4. All about her fashion sense

Paige does not mind splurging on anything that keeps her awake at night, but she still regrets some of the things she has bought. For example, she purchased a pair of Louboutin heels, which were so uncomfortable that she never wears them. However, she confesses that her greatest extravagance is on shoes and bags. She knows, though, that just because something is expensive does not necessarily mean she looks good in it. Paige looks to fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham, Audrey Hepburn, and Olivia Palermo for inspiration.

5. She raids her mother’s closet

Paige’s favorite brands to shop from include Forever 21, Zara, Alexander Wang, Alice and Olivia, and of course, the designer brand Chanel. However, she still believes her mother’s closet has unique clothing, so she always goes and shops there since she finds it has everything that she would want from the 90s trend. On the other hand, if Paige were given the chance to borrow from someone’s closet, then she would pick Camila Coelho’s.

6. She almost got fired from her first job after only three weeks

After graduating from college, Paige was fortunate enough to secure a job at Lincoln Square Productions, where she initially made many mistakes as an assistant. She would not bother to ask who was on the other end of the line, and would often spell names wrong. As a result, meetings were canceled, flights were mismanaged, and after three weeks, Danielle Rossen, Paige’s boss, had had enough of her. However, Danielle gave her a second chance and instilled in her a strong work ethic and self-assurance.

7. She is grateful to her parents for always being there for her

Some parents get tired of supporting dreams that never seem to be fruitful, but Paige’s parents never grew weary of being there for her. From the age of five until she was 18, Paige’s parents drove her to modeling auditions, though she rarely booked any of them. In college, Paige wanted to gain on-camera experience; consequently, her parents drove her to a studio every Saturday morning to film a show that few people ever bothered to watch. Moreover, to demonstrate just how devoted they were, when Paige graduated she wanted to move to New York, and they offered to pay her rent until she was able to afford it.

8. Her favorite life lesson quote

Paige’s mother certainly understood the pressure teenage girls face when it comes to body image, so she hung the phrase “Happy girls are the prettiest” in Paige’s room during her high school years. This left a lasting impression on Paige and made her realize that inner beauty is what truly matters. The reality star went on to say that being kind to someone and making their day is what truly makes one happy and beautiful.

9. She thinks her boyfriend will propose to her in 2020

Paige has shown her ability to move on quickly. As she states, if something isn’t working out, she doesn’t linger on it. This is why her relationship with Carl is now over and she has found a new partner in whom she has great expectations of a future, though only time will tell. Paige revealed that her current boyfriend asked her to keep her nails well-manicured throughout the year, which she believes is a sign that he might be thinking of proposing. However, Paige has always kept her nails polished, so the request is not something she feels pressured by.

10. The person she would like to have a private breakfast with

Growing up, Paige admired Kelly Ripa, and every time she was asked what she would like to do, she replied that she wanted to do anything that would enable her to become like Kelly. Paige felt a strong connection with Kelly not just because of their shared Italian background, but also because they were both not academically bright students. Consequently, for Paige, watching Kelly’s success gave her hope that she could achieve something similar in the future.

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