Discovering Tamara Alves: 10 Facts About Paulo Costa’s Girlfriend

Discovering Tamara Alves: 10 Facts About Paulo Costa’s Girlfriend

Discovering Tamara Alves: 10 Facts About Paulo Costa’s Girlfriend

As the girlfriend of UFC fighter Paulo Costa, Tamara Alves has recently found herself in the public eye. After sharing her thoughts on being with Paulo throughout his professional fighting journey, people are eager to learn more about the woman who has supported him through the highs and lows of his career. While her relationship with Paulo is becoming her claim to fame, there’s much more to Tamara than meets the eye. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Tamara Alves.

1. She’s a Driven Entrepreneur

Tamara is determined to ensure that she and Paulo are both successful in their own right. Far from being just a pretty face, Tamara is a dedicated entrepreneur who founded a health and fitness brand called MundoFit. The company offers a range of supplements and accessories to help people on their fitness journey.

2. She Values Her Privacy

Despite dating a high-profile athlete, Tamara seems to prefer keeping her personal life out of the spotlight. She doesn’t actively seek out media attention and remains relatively private about her personal affairs.

3. Positivity is Her Mantra

Although Tamara is quite private, it’s evident that she’s a positive person. She enjoys uplifting others, and her business has provided her with a platform to help people boost their confidence and improve their lifestyles.

4. She and Paulo Met in 2013

For those wondering if Tamara is with Paulo for the right reasons, it’s worth noting that she was by his side before he became a UFC star. The couple met in 2013 at a local gym event. By the end of the gathering, Paulo had asked Tamara’s friend for her number. Since then, she has been in awe of his work ethic and dedication to his craft.

5. Fitness is a Way of Life for Her

As you might have guessed from her business venture, health and fitness are essential to Tamara. While she may not train like a professional fighter, she loves staying active, and exercise is a regular part of her routine. In addition to hitting the gym, she enjoys activities like paddleboarding and swimming.

6. She’s a Proud Cat Lover

Knowing whether someone is a cat or dog person can reveal a lot about their personality. Cat lovers can rejoice, as Tamara is a proud member of #teamcat. She recently adopted an adorable black kitten, which has already made several appearances on her Instagram account.

7. She Has a Passion for Travel

Tamara is adventurous and loves experiencing new things and places. She enjoys traveling, whether it’s within her home country of Brazil or across the United States. She has visited several popular American destinations, including the Santa Monica Pier, the Grand Canyon, and Disney World.

8. Her Social Media Following is Impressive

Building a social media following can be challenging, especially for those who aren’t already well-known. Despite not being a celebrity, Tamara has amassed an impressive following on social media. Her personal account boasts over 6,500 followers, while her business account has more than 10,000.

9. Family is Important to Her

Having a close relationship with one’s family is something many people take for granted. However, it’s clear that Tamara cherishes the bonds she has built with her loved ones. While it’s uncertain if she has any children of her own, she is a proud aunt and loves spending time with her family whenever possible.

10. She’s a Civil Engineer

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Tamara is also a civil engineer, according to her Instagram bio. While she doesn’t provide further details, civil engineers typically design infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and water supply systems.

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