10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Gullage

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Gullage

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Gullage

Kevin Gullage is not a household name unless you know a thing or two about jazz music and/or you live in or around New Orleans. He’s a young man in a band, he’s signed to a record label, and he has done more in his two decades on this earth than most people will in their entire lifetime. The American Idol contestant wowed the judges enough to make it to Hollywood. He continued to wow them long enough to earn a spot in the duets round, and now he is a name America is beginning to recognize. If you watch, you know his story. If you don’t, it’s time you learn.

1. He is in a Band

Not only is this talented singer in a band, but he is also the leader of a band. They call their band The Blues Groovers, which is so on par for what they provide as far as musical talent. This is one talented band, and he has worked hard to make sure that they can be as talented as they are.

2. He is from Louisiana

He’s from the lovely city of New Orleans. It’s a coastal community that has some of the most beautiful architecture, some of the most amazing food, and one of the best vibes in the country. The city is well-known for its love of music, particularly if you are into the jazz genre.

3. He has Always Been Into Music

Music has been his passion his entire life. His father was a musician, so he learned to love music at an early age. He also loved his father, which meant he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his dad. This led him to the life of music, and it’s been a good one for him.

4. He Studied Music

It was not enough for him to be able to play instruments, to sing, and to have all this talent. He wanted to study the art of music, so he did. He enrolled in courses at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. He wanted to continue to learn more about music, so he then enrolled in courses at the Louis Armstrong Jazz Camp. He further went on to attend courses at Loyola University.

5. He had a Club Gig

Being a band with a long-time gig at a club where you are signed as the club artists is a big deal. That’s what happened for this singer and his band. They were the in-house band for the B.B. King’s Blues Club in New Orleans. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic outbreak and politics in his particular city, their gig at this club did not last.

6. He’s a Disney Kid

Disney is all over the news right now for their controversial comments and their outreach into the political world, and many people wish the child’s entertainment giant would stay in their lane. However, this band has a new job – and it’s with Disney. They will perform for Disney Cruise Lines.

7. He Performed with a Famous Band

Back in 2017, he was asked to perform with a very famous band – and he did it. He was the man who graced the stage alongside famed band Blues Traveler. This occurred at the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and it was a huge deal for not only him but for his band, too.

8. Spoiler Alert

He doesn’t make it. In case you are not caught up on the latest episodes of American Idol, you might not know that your favorite jazz singer did not make it onto the show. He so wanted to, and it’s not that he is not talented enough, but he simply did not make it. He does not have the kind of sound the judges are looking for, but he did get his name out there, and that matters.

9. He is Young

It’s easy to forget how young he is, in fact. You see, he’s only 23. However, his voice, his talents, and his choice of the musical genre make him feel like a man who has been around for far longer than 23 years. He’s an old soul with a voice that sounds as if it’s been singing for longer.

10. He’s Not Finished

Here’s a young man who is not done with his career. He is thankful for the time he had on Idol, the feedback the judges provided him, and the opportunity he was granted to do something like this. He’s using what he learned to make sure he makes it on his own.Louisiana

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