10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fernanda Schneider

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fernanda Schneider

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fernanda Schneider

Fernanda Schneider is like so many other young people. She’s famous on TikTok for her videos and the fact that she has more than 10 million people following along to see what she has to say. However, she is not like other young people when you think of her content. Rather than constantly posting videos of herself lip-syncing to popular songs or dancing in her bedroom, she posts weird videos about strange and bizarre historical facts and occurrences. She’s not like other influencers her age, and that might be exactly why so many millions of people are following along as she continues to share online.

1. She is Young

She is a young woman who hasn’t quite made it out of her teens, yet. She will in under a year, but she is officially still a teenager as of 2021. Her date of birth is April 2, 2002. She turned 18 in the midst of the global pandemic.

2. She is from Brazil

She was born and raised alongside her family in Brazil. Where in Brazil? We don’t know, precisely. But, we do know that she has that traditional Brazilian beauty and charm, and people love it. We also know very little about her family other than the fact that she is clearly close to her mother as she has shared her more than a few times on the app.

3. She’s Been Online a While

She might only be 19, but she’s been online since she was 13. She began posting on social media back in 2015. Her parents allowed her to have social media when she was a brand-new teenager, which is not something all parents are happy to do.

4. She is Famous on YouTube

In addition to her TikTok videos and fame, she has a YouTube channel that reaches millions. It’s called Deixa Falar. She uses this channel to do things differently. She shares challenges, videos, and she often vlogs about her own life on here. It’s a bit of an outlet for her, we imagine.

5. She Goes by FeFe

If you’re looking for her on Instagram, you’re not going to find her account under her real name. You will, however, find her under FeFe. We imagine this is what her nickname is, and that some of her closest friends and family call her this on a regular basis.

6. She is Not Single

She has a boyfriend, and we get the feeling that they are very serious. His Instagram account is private, but he has more than 600k followers on the account. He goes by walkkeerrr on Instagram, and it seems that they’ve been split up. She posted recently about how much she will miss him when he has to leave, and that she will be with him soon, and that they will be together again. It seems that there is going to be some long-distance for them.

7. She’s a Beach Babe

If we can infer anything from her social media accounts, it is that she is happy on the beach. She is always taking photos in her bathing suit sitting in the water or on the sand, and she clearly feels right at home on the beach and in the water. She’s a beach babe, and that is not uncommon.

8. She Knows Life is Short

She knows life is short, and she’s not interested in spending her own life worrying about things that don’t matter, things that are not important, and things that are not worth her time. She’d rather focus on things that are happy, positive, and that will make her future a better one. Don’t come at her with any nonsense; she will not engage.

9. She Does Maintain Some Privacy

She does live her life in the public eye, but she’s done a very good job of keeping most of her personal information private. The world does not know everything there is to know about her, and that is a huge positive in her life.

10. She’s Proud of Herself

She knew she wanted to be a social media influencer. She knew it in 2015 when she began posting online and doing what she wanted to do. She knew that she would be famous one day, and she did not listen to those who told her it would not happen and that she could not do it. She did not listen to those who made her dreams sound silly and told her it was just a hobby and a project. She did it, and she’s proud of herself for making it happen.

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