10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kay Taylor

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kay Taylor

The third season of Love Island USA may be over, but lots of viewers are still talking about everything that went down. On top of that, cast members are still riding high on the fame they achieved while on the show. Although Kay Taylor’s time on Love Island was short-lived, she definitely shook some things up during her time on the island. Unfortunately, however, she wasn’t able to find a long-lasting love connection, but she may have found something even better. Kay now has a fan base that includes thousands of people and they’re looking forward to seeing what she does next. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Kay Taylor.

1. She Lives In Calabasas

There isn’t any information on Kay’s upbringing or where she’s originally from, but we do know that she currently lives in Calabasas, CA. Not only is the area very beautiful, but it’s known for being home to lots of well-known people such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and The Kardashians.

2. She Is An Entrepreneur

Kay is the kind of person who is all about her business, and she’s officially taken that to new heights. She is the proud founder and owner of a swimwear line called Kay Taylor Swim. According to the business’ Instagram bio, the line will be launching some time in the summer of 2021.

3. Love Island Is Her First TV Show

Kay was definitely a natural in front of the camera during her time on Love Island, so many people will be surprised to know that the show was her first time on TV. Now that she’s gotten her foot in the door in the entertainment industry, it’ll be interesting to see if she decides to do any other shows. There are lots of people who would probably love to see her on their screens again.

4. She Likes To Travel

Kay is an adventurous person and she loves making the most out of everything life has to offer. She enjoys traveling and it’s something she gets the chance to do quite often. Now that she’s a reality TV star, she will probably have even more opportunities to travel.

5. She’s A Private Person

When someone agrees to be on a reality TV show, it’s easy to assume that they’re the kind of person who is comfortable with putting all of their business in the streets. However, that isn’t always the case and Kay is a prime example. She hasn’t revealed any personal information about herself outside of basic things like her name and location. At some point, she may decide to open up a little more.

6. She Isn’t Afraid To Speak Her Mind

Speaking up for the things you believe in isn’t always easy, but it’s something Kay has no problem doing. She was very vocal about her disappointment that she and some of the other late-comer Love Island cast members weren’t invited to the reunion. Lots of viewers seemed to understand her frustration and agree with her points.

7. She Is A Model

Love Island may have been Kay’s first time on TV, but it certainly wasn’t her first time in front of a camera. Some of her Instagram posts suggest that she has done some modeling. Now that she’s in the process of launching her own swimsuit line, it wouldn’t be surprising if she did some modeling for that as well.

8. She Likes Interacting With Viewers

There are some people in the public eye who shy away from connecting with people on the internet out of fear that they may say the wrong thing. However, that isn’t Kay’s style. Kay enjoys interacting with people on Twitter and it’s very common to see her responding to Love Island fans. She is thankful for all of the people who have shown her support so far in her journey.

9. She Is 25 Years Old

The sting of not winning Love Island probably wasn’t the best feeling, but shortly after the season finished airing, Kay had something to look forward to. In an Instagram post on August 22, Kay shared that she turned 25. She celebrated her birthday by taking a nice trip to New Orleans.

10. She Is All About Positivity

Despite the fact that Kay hasn’t shared a lot of information about herself, one thing that’s clear is that she is a positive person. She appears to be someone who likes to stay optimistic and look for the best in every situation. With an attitude like that, Kay probably never lets anything keep her down for too long.

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