Five Actors Who Should Play Justin Bieber in a Movie

For a role like this you’d need someone that could play an innocent young boy or a very arrogant young man that allowed fame to get to him in a way that is unfortunate but isn’t really the fault of anyone but himself in a lot of ways. Sorry not sorry Bieber fans, but the singing sensation has been something of a troubled teen throughout the years that is still apparently something of a troubled young adult since the controversies he’s created have followed him and began to become his M.O. at this point. When casting for Bieber though it would be important to figure out just what period in his life would be focused on since honestly it would make a big difference in how the story was told. No matter how it was delivered however the truth is that there would be a large number of people supporting the effort while there would be just as many people deriding the movie, perhaps even stating that glorifying Bieber is one of the last things that needs to happen.

Here are a few picks that might be able to get the job done.

5. Jacob Tremblay

Jacob is still pretty young and has shown immense promise since his acting resume is already fairly impressive given what he’s done and the movies he’s been involved with. For a character like Justin Bieber though one can only imagine how much support he might get, but also how much flak since the truth is that Bieber has just as many critics as fans, or so it would appear. In any case casting Jacob into this role doesn’t appear as though it would be a perfect fit, but it would be great enough that it might help to elevate or at least enrich his career in a way that might continue to impress those around him.

4. Noah Jupe

Another young face, Noah’s been pretty busy since 2015 and has been hitting the grindstone pretty hard thus far so it’s fair to say that he knows how to get himself ready for a role and is dedicated to the craft as much as he can be at this age. A lot of people might wonder just how kids in their teens manage to get an education while working on one movie after another, but while they might have conflicting schedules that don’t allow for traditional schooling, a lot of them are given tutors that work with them on the set when possible and off the set after all is said and done, so that part is usually taken care of.

3. Owen Vaccaro

It might be wise to bring in Owen for a short part in the movie as the youngest version of Bieber to be shown since he’s still probably one of the youngest on this list and couldn’t really pass for an older version of the singer just yet. But it would be interesting to have a host of names on the cast that are known to some but not all, as it could stimulate more than one career at a time. That being said it’s usually good to have a couple of versions of a character on hand if only to make sure that the different time periods of their lives can be accounted for, at least for a short length of time at least.

2. Max Charles

It might be better to bring Max in as an older version of Bieber largely because he was born in 2003 and even if he still looks fairly young it would be best to try and present him as his own age if only to avoid fans thinking that the movie is trying to fool them in some way. It’s already evident that finding someone that looks just like Bieber isn’t going to be a 100 percent possibility, but finding those that are close enough to his appearance would be a good idea, and having a couple of them on hand would be an even better idea since it would lend the movie a bit of insurance that it might need.

1. Zackary Arthur

Zackary might actually be a hard character to get a hold of since looking at his current resume it would appear that he’s another individual that’s in demand at this point and could be kind of busy and perhaps difficult to get a hold of. That being said there’s nothing set in stone that says this movie would ever happen, but given the ideas that have been coming out of Hollywood in recent years it’s not too hard to imagine that such a thing might happen one of these days. When it happens though this entire list could become defunct as it could mean that enough years have passed that the child version of Bieber would need a new list of candidates.

This is a movie that could take a while to develop.

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