Five Cameos That Happened in Movies That No One Noticed

Five Cameos That Happened in Movies That No One Noticed

Five Cameos That Happened in Movies That No One Noticed

It’s amazing to think of how many times actors show up in cameos in various movies but the truth is that there many of these that people don’t even realize, either because the actors are in another outfit that hides their features, or because it’s there and gone type of moment. But there have been plenty of movies in which your favorite actors are front and center and you wouldn’t even know it since again, they’re being well hidden, or your focus is being drawn elsewhere thanks to some clever directing. In such instances, it might take watching your favorite movies a couple of times to really get the idea of how this was worked in and where these actors appeared. In some cases, the actors are among the favorites of the director that’s in charge of the movie and this is why they keep showing up from time to time, but there are other connections as well since many directors are real students of the craft and have taken the time to really devise a way to get these actors into the picture with no one being the wiser.

Here are a few cameos that you might have missed the first time around.

5. Steve Buscemi – Pulp Fiction

This is one of those cameos that you could ONLY miss the first time around when watching this movie since the focus is primarily on Vincent and Mia, but if you notice, Tarantino did put Steve right between them as their waiter at one point and then didn’t give him much screen time after that. This is kind of a ‘surprise’ moment that a lot of people might have picked up on but some folk, who were unfamiliar with Tarantino’s work upon watching the movie, would have likely missed. Steve is actually one actor that Tarantino has used in the past since he showed up in Reservoir Dogs as well, as Mr. Pink.

4. Jimmy Buffett – Hook

You’d probably think that the pirates that were bothering Peter for his shoes when he was wandering around the docks were all just random, generic actors that didn’t have a lot of star power among them. But one of them was none other than Jimmy Buffett, and this scene was fairly short but it was still pretty funny since it showed that you just don’t mess with Tinkerbell since in Hook she was definitely given an upgrade considering she could take on a fully-grown human adult. But then again, if you watch the animated movie The Pirate Fairy in the Tinkerbell series you’ll note that fairies are pretty tough.

3. Matt Damon – Deadpool 2

Remember the two drunken rednecks that are in the picture when Cable arrives from the future? If you’d looked any closer you might have seen that one of them looked a lot like Matt Damon, albeit with a lot of enhancement to his face and figure. It’s funny to think of why he was included in this movie but then he’s been used for a cameo in a lot of movies and it’s pretty much the fact that he wants to be there that makes it special. Maybe somewhere down the line, we’ll get to see Damon as a part of the MCU or something, who knows? As far as Deadpool goes though it’s not likely that we’ll see him in another one.

2. Garret Morris – Ant-Man

What’s great about this is that decades ago Morris played Ant-Man for an SNL sketch that featured several other superheroes from both DC and Marvel. The downside of this is that Morris’ character was mocked pretty mercilessly since for a long time Ant-Man was seen as just as useless in Marvel as Aquaman was in DC. Obviously both of them have been re-evaluated since then and have been seen as important parts of their universes, but for a long time Ant-Man, an original founding member of the Avengers, didn’t get a whole lot of respect for one reason or another. But it was a nice nod to the old SNL days to put Morris in for this cameo.

1. Cate Blanchett – Hot Fuzz

This cameo is more or less dependent on how well a person can tell an actor by their eyes since Cate was completely suited up thanks to the fact that her character was part of an active crime scene investigation and that’s just the rules. But her part was fairly short since she played the role of the lead actor’s ex-girlfriend and was kind of over him in a big way judging by the lack of compassion she had for the fact that he was being shipped out to the country. As far as the movie went it was pretty funny, but you kind of had to feel for Simon Pegg’s character since he no longer had a woman to go home to and he no longer had a home to go to since he had to up and move.

It’s fun pointing out cameos sometimes.

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