‘Bright’ Screenwriter Max Landis Accused of Sexual-Assault

‘Bright’ Screenwriter Max Landis Accused of Sexual-Assault

Once again, another (choose one) writer/director/producer/politician/actor/business executive/talk show host/male has been accused of a sexual-something. In this case, it is Max Landis who has been accused of on Twitter of being not only a sexual predator, but a psychopath and “one of the worst people alive.” There are other tweets that are inappropriate to post here.

All the reports are based on a string of tweets by a small number of people, but as we know social media is a powerful force no matter how skewed the facts or story may be. As is stands now, Landis has not responded and there is no proof of the allegations. Given the current direction of the #metoo movement it shouldn’t be long before women who actually have been a victim of Landis’ sexual misbehavior will trot out the evidence and we can be sure.

Until then, it will be useful to see how the allegations began – and from who. Zoe Quinn, she of GamerGate fame, was the first to post the accusations on Twitter. Now it seems she was not a victim of Landis nor does she actually know any victims, but says she was just tweeting based on rumors she heard. So at this point we have a string of accusations that came from a tweet that has no apparent basis in actual fact.

Quinn’s attitude, no matter how misguided, can be somewhat understandable. Landis has not been kind to social justice warriors in the past, criticizing feminist-centric movies and generally being described as a misogynist. That in itself is enough fuel to light a match to in the current climate of the #metoo movement. Unfortunately, Landis may actually be easily perceived as a psychopath since many of the views he expresses online are very liberal, and it is contradictory to most people that being a misogynist and being a liberal makes any sense at all.

It seems it only takes one perceived character flaw, in this case Landis not agreeing 100% with feminism, to have the mob publicly flagellate you and try and destroy your Bright future. It may be presumptuous, but this statement is made given the fact there is no evidence against him. What is interesting is that the media is picking up on the story and constructing it as it is just a matter of time before we discover the truth behind the accusations. Presumed guilty until proven innocent.

One unfortunate result of the #metoo movement is that there are people who have been accused but no evidence has been found to substantiate the allegations. These people are never given an apology and the accusers are never called out for hurling scurrilous accusations at what amounts to be random suspects. It is a contradiction, as those in the #metoo movement are seeking justice, yet they are exempt from the same standard of justice being applied to them. In their lust to publicly flog the guilty they are quick to move on from the innocent they have flogged because it is not the people who matter, but the movement.

The end result of this attack will be, whether Landis is proven innocent or guilty, his personal life and character will be publicly dissected; and it certain he has done or said something that will offend people. He may continue to work, but his rising star will be considerably dimmed. But the goal of the #metoo movement is to attack and move on. Everything else just doesn’t matter.

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