Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU

Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU
Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU

As MCU expands, there’s always a chance for stakeholders to introduce new superheroes and antagonists. One actress who would easily capture the interest of Marvel enthusiasts all over the world is the talented Kathryn Winnick. She’s best known for her unforgettable performance as the courageous shieldmaiden Lagertha in the TV series Vikings. Her portrayal of Lagertha was undoubtedly an iconic one.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has consistently enthralled viewers across the globe with its wide range of characters, engaging plots, and supervillains. In this article, we will delve into similar potential roles for Winnick within the MCU. With her strong acting skills and undeniable charisma, Winnick would undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to the Marvel family.

1. Tigra (Greer Nelson)

Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU

Tigra, also known as Greer Nelson, is a fascinating character within the MCU whose origins trace back to a combination of science and mysticism. Initially a crime-fighter, Greer Nelson becomes Tigra after an encounter with the Cat People. The mystical ritual transforms her into Tigra, a feline-human hybrid with amplified strength, agility, and reflexes.

Winnick’s experience in portraying a strong and complex female character like Lagertha in Vikings makes her an ideal choice for the role of Tigra. Winnick’s athletic abilities and physicality would allow her to embody Tigra’s feline grace and power authentically. Plus, her compelling screen presence would enable her to capture the duality of Greer Nelson’s human and feline personas. Altogether, that would add depth to the character’s struggles and victories.

2. Snowbird (Narya)

Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU

Snowbird, whose real name is Narya, is a captivating character from the Marvel Universe. She’s a demi-goddess and a member of the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. Born from an Inuit goddess and a human father, Snowbird possesses various mystical powers, including the ability to transform into any animal native to the Canadian Arctic, flight, enhanced strength, durability, and agility.

Winnick’s experience in physically demanding roles will help her effectively convey Snowbird’s supernatural abilities and connection to the Arctic wilderness. Additionally, her skills and screen presence would bring depth to Narya’s struggle to balance her human emotions with her divine responsibilities. A multi-dimensional character that could resonate exceptionally well with MCU audiences? Yes, please.

3. Abigail Brand

Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU

Another role that would suit Kathryn Winnick in MCU is that of Abigail Brand. She serves as the commander of S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department). As half-alien and half-human, Brand possesses unique abilities. The standouts are green pyrokinetic flames and resistance to extreme temperatures. As the leader of an organization responsible for monitoring and responding to extraterrestrial threats, Brand is characterized by her strong will. She also has a keen intellect and unwavering dedication to the protection of Earth. Kathryn Winnick can easily nail this role — she’s already pulled off a strong-headed lady leader in Vikings. She could easily handle the determination and nuanced approach to leadership required for Abigail Brand’s personality. 

4. Firestar (Angelica Jones)

Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU

Although Firestar was originally introduced as a member of the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends animated series, she went on to join the New Warriors and the X-Men in the Marvel comics. As a mutant, she faces the challenges of balancing her personal life with her superhero responsibilities. All this happens while she’s coming to terms with her powers. Her powers include flying, manipulating radiation, creating heat, and emitting powerful energy blasts. 

Winnick could be a compelling fit to play Firestar, AKA Angelica Jones, in the MCU. There’s a need to capture Angelica Jones’ emotional journey as she navigates the complexity of her life, powers, and identity. Winnick would be able to bring resonance and depth to the character.

5. Captain Universe

Casting Viking’s Kathryn Winnick in the MCU

Captain Universe is a unique and intriguing concept that would be great for Kathryn Winnick in MCU. Instead of being a single character, Captain Universe is the manifestation of the Uni-Power — a cosmic force that endows individuals with incredible abilities to serve as its temporary host. This Uni-Power grants its host super strength, energy manipulation, flight, and matter manipulation. Several Marvel characters have taken on the mantle of Captain Universe — each has its own distinct story and background.

With Kathryn Winnick in the role, a Captain Universe storyline would become a captivating and powerful addition to the MCU. Her experience in physically demanding roles and martial arts would enable her to convincingly portray the character’s vast range of powers and abilities. There’s a need for an actor who can play a complex, engaging, and rich portrayal of Captain Universe. Needless to say, Winnick’s talent and range as an actress make her a good fit for this role.

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