10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kathleen Munroe

If there is one thing that the world is certain of, it’s that their favorite characters should never leave a show. They love them, they fall for them, and they want to see them stick around for a long time. When a character is shot or injured, kidnapped, or whatever on a crime show, fans immediately begin worrying that the character is being written off the show. Did the actress leave? Was she fired? Kathleen Munroe is one of those actresses who has been in just about everything, and her stint on the “FBI,” the hit crime show that’s already spawned two spin-offs, and fans are upset that she’s been shot and seemingly will not make it. Here’s everything we need to know about the actress as we anxiously await to see if her FBI alter ego makes it through surgery or if she’s gone for good.

1. She’s Canadian

She may live in Los Angeles these days, but she’s a woman from Canada. She grew up in a place called Hamilton, which is in Ontario. She spent her childhood focusing on the things that she loves the most, and acting seems to have been something she loved even as a child. She went to college to study acting.

2. She’s Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

Every birthday is a milestone if you are fortunate enough to celebrate another, but this is really a milestone. She’s going to turn 40 soon, and that might be the new 30. She was born on April 9, 1982, and we hope she has something so exciting planned to bring in what is certain to be another amazing decade in her life.

3. She is Bilingual

Growing up in Canada, you know that there are many places that are very French. It is, after all, a very French country despite being attached to the direct northern American borders. Growing up in Ontario, she learned to speak not only English as a primary language but also French. She is fluent in both, and that is something that never fails to impress us.

4. She Writes

She’s talented in more than a few ways. She’s a woman who is also a good writer, and she wrote this opinion piece in 2021 that is a fascinating read. It was published, and she continues to feel proud of the work she put into this piece and the fact that her work is reaching so many.

5. She is Queer

When asked to identify who she is as a person, she identifies as a queer person. This means that she doesn’t necessarily identify sexually as someone who falls into any specific category. The internet is filled with many different definitions of the term, but she has her own feelings on it, and her opinion piece discusses this at length.

6. She is Working on Films

She’s an actress, but she’s working on expanding her resume by adding filmmaking to the roster. She’s got two in the works – per her opinion piece published in February of 2021 – and we aren’t sure which stage they are in now. However, she’s working hard to make things happen for the career that she’s been dreaming of, and she will succeed.

7. She is Leaving FBI

Sadly, the rumors are true. She and Jubal might have had a romance going on – one that appears to have been an old flame rekindled from his former days as a married alcoholic – and now she is gone. Her shooter wins, and her family opted to have her removed from life support. She’s leaving the show, and her fans are shocked.

8. She Lives in LA and Canada

She’s fortunate at this point in her life to have the option to consider both locations home. She works in both, she lives in both, and she has a deep love for both, and she never has to choose. She keeps a home in LA when she’s working there, and she keeps a home in Toronto because she works there. She loves to be in her home country, and she can’t imagine leaving forever.

9. She is a Musician

In addition to acting, writing, and making movies, she also experienced a time in her life when she chose to make music. She’s a singer and a songwriter, and she released some music in the mid-2010s, and she’s quite proud of the work she did with that.

10. She is a Private Woman

At the end of the day, however, she is a woman who is not into sharing her personal life with anyone. She shares what she feels she is comfortable sharing and keeps the rest to herself. finding that balance in her life is not always easy, but it’s something that she has to deal with on her own – and we get the feeling she is succeeding.

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