10 Interesting Facts About Katrina Kaif

katrina kaif facts

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She’s one of India’s highest-paid actresses, but her husband is speaking out about being a less-than-stellar husband. Katrina Kaif married Vicky Kaushal in 2021, and the press has her fans under the impression that her marriage is in trouble. Despite her numerous accolades and the fact that she’s well-known for being a talented dancer and actress, she’s not perfect. Her fans might think she is with her natural beauty, glowing talent, and handsome husband, but Kaif’s life is strikingly similar to everyone else’s. Read here to learn 10 interesting Katrina Kaif facts.

1. Both of Her Parents are English

She’s an Indian actress, and she was born in Hong Kong. However, she’s also British. She’s not considered Indian, though her father’s family is of Kashmiri descent. Her father and mother are both English. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is an attorney who spends her time working with charities.

2. Katrina Kaif Has Seven Siblings

She is one of eight kids, and you will be shocked when you find out that she’s one of seven girls. She’s right in the center of the girls, too. Three of her sisters are older than she is, three are younger than she is, and her one brother is also older.

3. Her Father Was Not Always Part of Her Life

Her childhood was not picture-perfect. Kaif’s mother and father divorced when she was just a child, and her father left home. He came to the United States. He left behind his ex-wife to raise eight children on her own across the world. Kaif made it very clear that she is not in contact with her father and hasn’t a relationship with him.

katrina kaif facts

Credit: @katrinakaif

4. She Lived Everywhere Thanks to Homeschool

It’s been mentioned that her mother is heavily involved in charity work, which meant she moved her kids around regularly. Kaif and her seven siblings were homeschooled so their mother could move around. They lived in Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, Japan, China, and many additional countries she tends to forget because there were so many of them. Homeschool allowed her mother to move them all around, and that was a situation they enjoyed.

5. She Carries an Interesting Life Philosophy

Out of all of the Katrina Kaif facts we’ve shared, this is one that many will be able to resonate with. Like many famous people, Kaif does not care to discuss her personal life with others. However, she does have a very interesting philosophy, and we are here for it. “I have always believed that there is life before marriage and after marriage. Before marriage…you are termed a single woman, and I choose to conduct that part of my life with absolute dignity and discretion,” she said of her life before marrying her husband.

6. Her Husband is Also an Actor

Vicky Kaushal is a man whose life is constantly being talked about in the press. He’s a handsome actor, and his fans want to know everything there is to know. However, he is not as enthusiastic about sharing the intimate details of his life, which is good news for his very private wife. This couple was married in 2021, which means they are still in their personal honeymoon phase.

7. Kaif’s Husband Doesn’t Think He’s a Perfect Husband

The media has been reporting that he’s not a good husband to his wife, but this is not the case. He was asked if he thought he was perfect, and he said no. “Being perfect is like a mirage, you know? You always feel you’re reaching there, but you’re never quite there. So, I don’t think I’m a perfect husband. I don’t think I’m perfect in any way, but I try to be the best version of a husband I can be at any given moment. Of course, tomorrow I will be better than I was yesterday, but I always try to do the best that I can,” he said of being perfect.

8. Kaif Embraces New Characters

In regard to choosing a role to play, she loves to take on roles that allow her to try new things. She’s less inclined to take on a role she’s already done in the past, but something new and exciting calls to her. It’s always going to help her learn and grow, and that’s what her career is always about.

katrina kaif facts

Credit: @katrinakaif

9. She Learns From Her Mistakes

In general, her work is always good. However, when she takes on a role that doesn’t quite hit the mark, she is quick to learn from that. She’s aware that no secret potion will make every movie successful – or else none would ever fail. When she’s not getting the kind of reaction she thought she might, she moves on from it and figures out what she can learn from that project to take with her to the next one.

10. Her Husband Sings Her To Sleep

This is probably one of the most little-known Katrina Kaif facts. Kaif is a woman who feels her husband is the most vibrant and alive version of himself when he’s singing and dancing, and she loves it. When she’s unable to sleep, she doesn’t hesitate to ask him to sing to her so she can fall asleep. It’s endearing to her.

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