10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kali Uchis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kali Uchis

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis’ name has been in the press often lately, and it’s been for good reason. It was recently announced that she would take part in the Viva! LA Music Festival that is being held at the Dodger Stadium in LA alongside some relatively big names in the entertainment industry. She is excited about the prospect of performing, and her fans are itching to know more about her now that they know she’s going to take the stage alongside people such as Daddy Yankee to sing her songs and give a great show. Here’s what we know about the young singer.

1. She Was Born in the 90s

She’s a 90s girl through and through. She was born on July 17, 1994. She was born during the decade when rap music was changing rapidly, and it was a time when it was at the forefront of the musical industry. It’s fun that she ended up growing up and going into that line of work herself.

2. She is From Virginia

She was born and raised in Virginia. She is from Alexandria, which is a rather large town. She lived there with her mother, her father, and her stepsiblings. Her mother already had children of her own when she met Kali’s father and they became pregnant with her, so she is the only child they have together.

3. She is Colombian

She is also half Colombian thanks to her father. He came to America from Colombia, met her mother, and they had her. We should mention at this point that when she was born, her parents named her Karley-Marina, but she goes professionally by the name Kali.

4. She Lived in Colombia During the Summers

When she was a teen, her father had to move back to Colombia. His elderly mother fell ill and needed someone to care for her. Since her father could not live with her in Virginia during the school year, she would spend her summers living with him in Colombia. She loved the country she was half from, and it made such an impact on her life.

5. She Plays Instruments

Growing up, she was into the musical scene, but in a much different way than the rapper and singer is now. She was a musical instrument player rather than a singer. She played both the sax and the piano, both of which require ample talent.

6. She Wasn’t the Best Student

Because of her love for music and the arts, she didn’t go to school often. She would leave home pretending to go to school, but she would actually go take part in making videos and art, and she did not focus on her own schoolwork. Her mother was exceptionally frustrated, so was her school.

7. She Was Homeless for a Time

Because of her poor grades and her desire to skip all the time, she was given an ultimatum. She could follow the rules, go to school, or she could leave home. She was kicked out of her home, and she had nowhere to live. Instead of going to school and doing what she needed to do, she was living in her car and doing what she felt called to do.

8. She Didn’t Dream of Singing

She did not dream of singing. In fact, she dreamed of something else entirely. She would direct films. She was very much into art, making art on the computer, and editing videos, and that is where her passion was located during that time.

9. She is Dating

Though she has come out to tell the world that she is bisexual, she has no problem talking about her personal relationship with Don Toliver. They have been together since 2020, and she’s made it clear she’s at a place in her life where she is quite happy with her personal relationships. He is in the same line of work she is, so it might just help their relationship that they understand the way they both work and live.

10. She Gives Back

She is a woman who likes to give back to her community. She’s worked hard on her own personal life, and she knows that she is fortunate. She’s worked to earn money to give back to her Colombian town, and she is happy to do so. She started doing this by selling things on Depop, and she eventually went on to work with her communities in Colombia to earn money for medicine and other necessities for those who are in need.from Colombia

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