John Oliver Reflects on President Trump’s First Year

If you’re a Trump fan or aren’t really into seeing him get bashed you might want to turn away now. John Oliver makes no apologies and no bones about what he thinks of Trump and his many different indiscretions as the POTUS during his term thus far, and most of it is hilarious. He goes into the fact that the Trump presidency is bolstered by three very distinct and irritating practices that have been going on since before Trump took office. One is the obvious mocking of the media, another is the argumentative style known as whataboutism, and the final one is trolling, which is a common enough habit that many people have either put up with or have done in their own time. The current POTUS has made it a habit to tweet on an almost daily basis about this or that and use all three argumentative tools in the process.

When it comes to the media he will automatically claim fake news if it’s something he doesn’t like or anything that is negative about himself. He’s usually not so quick to come to the defense of his family however, which is rather telling, but will be able to reply in little to no time at all when the media ‘targets’ him. Somewhere along the line in his life Trump seems to have missed the point that the POTUS is almost always under fir for something whether they’ve done good or bad for the country. Simply getting upset and calling the hard work done by others fake is the act of a petulant child. Plus, even if there are those that feel the need to make up stories about Trump, and there are, there still exists many among them that are genuinely concerned that our current president is little more than an irate teenager that has yet to figure out how to best fulfill his duties to the country.

Whataboutism is basically a giant diversion so that the president doesn’t have to truly discuss the issue at hand in the broken, almost maniacal-sounding speeches that he gives. Ever notice how Trump says nothing even when he’s trying to say a great deal? Those that support him hear what they want to hear thinking that they’re understanding the gist of what he’s saying and yet seem shocked when they see the results of what he really DID say. That’s almost like leaving your front door open in a bad neighborhood and then feeling shocked when you find out your house has been looted.

Trolling has to be one of Trump’s favorite things to do, and yet he won’t stand by what he says. After accusing Obama of wire-tapping his conversations he was interviewed about this matter. Every reply he gave was evasive, and every curt response he uttered was evidence that he wouldn’t stand up and claim his own words. This is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES folks. He’s convinced so many of the veracity of his words but will not stand by them when it counts, or even when it’s someone asking what he meant.

I won’t say he’s not my president. But at times it almost feels like he’s only the POTUS when it fits into his schedule and his life.

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