Whatever Happened to Jeremy Licht?

Jeremy Licht, the kid in the green on the right, isn’t known so well that he would be someone that might stand out unless a person had seen him in his many TV roles over the years, but it would appear that he’s been working up until several years ago unless of course, he has projects that haven’t been announced, which is kind of hard to believe. But like a lot of TV stars, he’s gone under the radar when it comes to being famous and while it’s possible that a large number of people still know who he is, it’s also possible that he’s been forgotten like quite a few of those that made their fame early on and then kind of faded off even as they continued to expand their career. It sounds a bit rude to say it like this but the truth is that there are A LOT of TV stars that didn’t go on to do much with their career following a few of their bigger roles and were more or less seen to disappear at one point since they either couldn’t find a way to keep people entertained, or they weren’t able to diversify enough in their career to find something that might tide them over until a bigger part came along.

Some folks do end up leaving the business for personal reasons, such as to spend more time with their families, and just decide not to come back. Jason is one of those that made do with sitcom fame and TV movies, along with two motion pictures that still didn’t do much to push his name any further. It’s a bit hard to say this about any actor since it does take talent and skill to get where they are and discounting that in any way does feel like a huge insult. But the truth is that once they’re there, the effort has to be continual in order to get the results they want since otherwise, they’re not going to last long since their reputation is going to fade and they will eventually find that people don’t care enough to remember what they were famous for in the first place. Some simply lose the love for the business and others feel pulled in different directions towards other professions, but the point here is acting is something that does require that the actors branch out, do something new, and find ways that will get people to respond in a positive manner to their presence. When that can no longer happen the best an actor can hope for is to be contacted for gigs to be used as a supporting actor or an extra since at that point they’ve lost the ability to make people care.

At one point Jason had it, he could make people care about his characters and get excited to see him on screen, and it’s even possible to say that he could do it again if he really tried, but the difficulty of making a comeback after so long is something that many actors can attest to since it’s not a cakewalk when it comes to getting fans to care. Looking at his list of credits it’s fair enough to say that while he has done a few things it’s also possible to state with a great deal of accuracy that a lot of people would shrug and move on to the next show down the line. While it’s not meant to be cruel, this is the business, and it doesn’t wait for people to come back or get back into the swing of things since Hollywood moves at a pace that is known to be absolutely brutal at times since it’s not a place where a person without that many prospects can hope to thrive unless they’re willing to do something extraordinary in order to make it clear that they’re still worth considering as a real talent. Jason might be able to get the attention of those that might recognize him from past roles, but again, it’s an uphill climb at best and it’s bound to be one that would feel like trying to climb Everest with tennis shoes and a handheld inhaler instead of the proper tools. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerating a little bit, especially when we’re talking about someone that’s been there and been a part of the business in the past, but it still feels certain that he wouldn’t just waltz in and take over in a big way.

It’s obvious he’s worked with some folks in the past that turned out to become big-name actors, so perhaps it would be possible for him to use those connections, if they’re still there, to make something happen. But at this point, he would have a seriously tough time reaching a prominent position in show business once again.

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