The Real Reason Why CBS All Access Show Interrogation was Cancelled

The Real Reason Why CBS All Access Show Interrogation was Cancelled

There are a lot of folks out there that are more than willing to state that Interrogation on CBS All Access has been canceled, but not a lot of them are going into any great detail as to why. The most obvious reasons that usually crop up are that not enough people were watching, meaning the ratings would plummet and the effort being put in just wasn’t worth it. Or it could be that there was a huge debate that resulted in ‘creative differences’. But as of now, it would appear that the show simply isn’t going to be showing up for a second season, but the reason is either being kept a secret or is being given in a less than concrete manner. It would appear that many people were enjoying the multi-linear nature of the show since it allowed them to come up with their own hypotheses of what had happened and why and who was at fault for what, but maybe that was too much to give to the fans. Some would say that this would be a positive step forward by allowing more of a chance for the audience to really get into the show, but some folks might actually find it too distracting to really get into it.

Shows come and shows go, that’s one of the many sayings that people tend to cling to when shows are taken off the air, and it’s true for the most part since whenever one show gets taken off the air there are plenty of ideas that are brought in to replace it and fill the time slot. It does sound as though Interrogation was going to keep attempting this style of storytelling to stay true to the idea of how cold cases are handled, but perhaps people just weren’t ready for this or likened it to something they’d seen before and didn’t want to deal with it right now. All the talk at this point does make it sound as though the program was appreciated by many viewers, but one has to wonder then why it’s being canceled and what could have been done better. Considering the idea that the pandemic is still messing around with the entertainment industry in a big way it could also be that filming isn’t bound to go ahead due to various protocols that are still in place, but that sounds like a less than likely excuse since there are plenty of productions that are doing what they can to keep things moving while attempting to satisfy the fans and keep their revenue rolling in. To be certain, it sounds more likely that the show failed to fire on all cylinders and catch hold with the intended audience, which would be one of the most obvious reasons that any program would be canceled.

It couldn’t have possibly been the casting, since the actors used in the show are among those that people have been excited to watch over the years. But then again, there are moments when certain cast members just don’t appear to resonate with each other, and audiences can detect this pretty easily since the chemistry when it’s there, makes for a show that flows almost perfectly and creates something that people will actually miss when it’s gone. But if there’s little to no on-screen chemistry then there’s no point in continuing since things are bound to remain stiff and hard to watch unless the actors can come to an understanding and thereby give the best performance possible. So whether or not it was the cast is hard to say since just watching a few minutes of the show does make it look as though the cast members were able to work well enough with each other to make a smooth transition from scene to scene. No, it does appear that the show is being canceled more likely because it wasn’t keeping the attention of the audience, which isn’t hard to figure out when looking at the ratings. Not every show is going to be a hit and not every police drama is going to attract the same type of audience that happens to love watching and trying to deduce the reasoning behind one crime or another. Interrogation is just one more in a long line of shows that proves this and it’s not going to be the last, that’s for certain.

Whether or not it will ever come back is kind of hard to say since once a show is canceled it tends to need a public outcry, a serious petition, or the desire of the showrunner to bring it back since otherwise it’s bound to be shelved and thought of as yet another idea that sounded good but didn’t pan out. At this time it’s better to just move on and think about it later.

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