Jane the Virgin Review: Jane the (Almost) Homeowner

Jane the Virgin

It’s an exciting new world for the virgin formerly known as Jane. As series creator Jennie Snyder Urman promised, “the Virgin” part of the Jane the Virgin title card has officially been crossed out. Jane is now simply Jane. Of course any newlywed will tell you that no matter how in love you are, the first year of marriage is the most difficult. Don’t expect everything to be smooth sailing just because Jane is blissfully in love and has finally lost her virginity. Even if Jane didn’t have to deal with the normal first year of marriage issues, her life is part telenovela. It was never going to be simple.

At least for a small time Jane is in bliss. While Jane basks in the glow of domesticity, her parents are solely focused on their respective careers. Xiomara wants to look for a career path with a little more stability. Alba is all for it, considering she would like her daughter to get a job that doesn’t include being around cranky people like she has as a home healthcare provider. Xiomara quits the bank after one day, but is so afraid to tell her mother she has to get caught to fess up. Alba and Xiomara have been so used to Jane being the buffer for their arguments they’ve developed a fear of communication. Jane may be out of the house, but the lessons she left in patience stayed with them. They don’t need Jane anymore to have a real conversation, or be inspired to go after new dreams. Xiomara’s journey will continue, just as Alba’s will as the new sales associate in the Marbella’s Seashells Gift Shop. Now Alba won’t miss Jane so much since they’ll be working together.

For Rogelio, jump-starting his career in American television means delving into multiple pots at the same time. While his deal with The CW for an English adaptation of ‘The Passions of Santos’ is in flux, Rogelio must turn to other avenues. He turns to Jane’s former writing advisor Amanda Elaine, who has a new Hallmark movie coming out based her novel. The only way Amanda is going to consider Rogelio for the part is if he arranges a date between her and Rafael. After much prodding, Rafael agrees to Rogelio’s request. Of course this means that Rogelio is in charge of babysitting Luisa. Now that’s a strange pairing! Rogelio’s methods for helping people are never the norm, but somehow he always manages to reach people. He helps Luisa figure out that the root of her alcoholism is her guilt over constantly disappointing her mother. They decide together that it would be best for Luisa to go to rehab for preventative measures, and the Villanueva family will look after Rafael while she is gone. Rafael didn’t have nearly as much success getting Rogelio the part he wanted, but that’s not as important to Rogelio is family. Rogelio finally accepts Rafael as family.

Jane has officially left the nest. She’s a newly married woman balancing a full domestic life which includes a child, school, and developing career. She and Michael even have a cozy little home to call their own, and do whatever they want in. The realtor doesn’t agree with them on that. Jane has been making the rental payments on time for their house even with all the craziness following the wedding. She and Michael never knew that Petra has been covering half the payments, and when they stopped, the realtor gained the right to evict the Corderos. Anezka may have her sister’s face, but she doesn’t have Petra’s memories, or her penchant for good deeds.

Anezka has taken full control of her sister’s life, with her own added bonus of a relationship with sleazy Scott. Her mother has a little bit of an issue with this. Anezka and Magda’s plan was supposed to be to liquidate Petra’s share of the hotel, then use the money to get Magda out of prison. Scott has agreed to help “Petra”, but knows that they would get a fairer blackmail price out of Rafael if the Marbella were swimming in more capital. The idea that a hotel theme night called Flamingo Friday would actually aid in their quest is ludicrous. It’s so ridiculous in fact that the employees threaten to stage a walk out. Jane can’t go to Rafael right now because he’s dealing with his mother’s murder, so Jane has to go to Petra to stop Scott. Anezka is under an enormous amount of pressure from the watchdog her mother sends to get the money within a few days. Even if Anezka did like Jane, between the money issues and Jane’s dislike of Scott, Anezka doesn’t have time to deal with her. Anezka is left with no other recourse than to blackmail Rafael into selling her both of their shares of the hotel. As if Rafael needed more to upset him after the only clue his dead mother left him about her killer was the words “Angels Guard the Sun” individually marked in a bible.

Anezka’s carelessness with money leaves Jane and Michael to deal with the uncomfortable reality of consolidating their money in order to make their rent. Nothing kills the romantic mood faster than arguments about money. Once Jane lets out her frustrations in a pool fight with “Petra”, she realizes she can’t start off her marriage living beyond her means. Jane and Michael will just have to get a smaller place and save up for the right house. Luckily Jane’s clarity doesn’t stop there. A split second moment with “Petra” causes certain things to click in Jane’s head, finally waking her up to the realization that “Petra” is not Petra.

Time’s are definitely changing. Everyone but Petra is moving in new directions. Will Jane be able to save her frenemy?

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