Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Baby Daddy?”

Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Baby Daddy?”

Some shows tend to last for a while and then there are shows that kind of come and go based on whether they’re trendy or not at the time. Baby Daddy was a show that had its moment and then had to vacate its spot when it was deemed time to go. During its five-year run it was considered to be okay for a TV show but perhaps not as great as some shows that have lasted for a lot longer. The entire premise was the challenges that Ben had to go through when he was suddenly made a dad with a daughter that had been left on his doorstep. Along with his friends and his mother he had to come to terms with having a child and working that around the effort of keeping a life that he’d been enjoying as well. Looking at this show should be able to make a lot of men realize that back in the day when we were single and didn’t really have much else to look forward to save for another night of partying, hanging out with friends, and just doing whatever we wanted to do, was not quite as satisfying as we thought. Sure having kids is tough, raising them is a royal pain in the butt sometimes, and going through all those sleepless nights is something that no sane, rational person would ever do. But becoming a parent is also a way of growing up that many people find enriching and also find that they can’t do without once they’ve done it for a while.

So what are the cast members up to now?

Riley Perrin – Chelsea Kane

Chelsea had a few gigs during the show’s run such as an episode on Rick and Morty and a couple of other shows. She hasn’t done much since the show ended but is currently doing a voice role on a show called Hot Streets which is kind of a messed up show in a way as her character collaborates with two FBI agents that have a penchant for going off and killing those adversaries they go against without really taking into account that they’re misguided and need help. It’s a different kind of show, but some people seem to like it.

Bonnie N. Walker – Melissa Peterman

A lot of people might remember her best as Barbara Jean from Reba, but she’s done quite a bit since Baby Daddy ended. In fact she was involved in a lot of other projects while the show was still going and has managed to keep herself very busy since. She hasn’t done a lot as far as film goes since 2014 but she’s been seen frequently on TV. She was even on The Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition, and is most recently landed a role on the Big Bang spinoff, Young Sheldon.

Daniel Mellencamp Wheeler – Derek Theler

Daniel has been keeping rather busy since the show ended and is even scheduled to appear in the upcoming New Warriors show that will be airing on Freeform eventually. As someone that remembers when the New Warriors first came out back in the day this is just slightly disappointing after viewing the lineup since only two of the characters making their way onto the scene are from the original team. But unfortunately it might be because the other characters either aren’t available due to copyright laws or just because Freeform wants to do the most updated version.

Tucker Thurgood Marshall Dobbs – Tahj Mowry

If Tahj looks familiar to you it’s because he was a child star that appeared in Who’s the Boss? and of course, Full House as one of Michelle’s little friends. He was also a Disney kid for a while and even appeared in Are We Done Yet? with Ice Cube. He hasn’t been all that busy since the show ended however and seems to be coasting by on whatever residuals and appearances he makes. As long as a guy can make a living, why not?

Benjamin Bon Jovi Wheeler – Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Jean-Luc hasn’t done anything that’s been seen recently but he did manage to keep himself in the game for at least a few years after the ending of the show. Whether he’s just taking a break or will be back soon is hard to know but given that he was nominated for several awards thanks to Baby Daddy it’s kind of easy to assume that he’ll be back and ready to go when he feels like it.

A lot of shows come and go as it’s already been said, but some of them are only meant for a short run before they have to make their way into the sunset. Whether or not we remember them is all based on how important they were and what kind of impact they made in our lives.

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