Meet The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. (Finally!!)

Meet The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. (Finally!!)

Last week, Bravo finally revealed the cast of the highly anticipated new entry in their Real Housewives franchise and since TVOvermind will start covering the series this summer, it’s about time that you guys meet the first ladies of Capital Hill. But first, here is some background drama on the casting of the show to whet the appetite for what’s to come.

The drama started back in May of last year when Bravo announced that the Real Housewives franchise was heading to D.C. The local and top political papers in the nation all initiated in the guessing game on which of the top movers and shakers in D.C. would have their lives documented for all to see. Some reports got one or two of the cast members correct, while others were nowhere near accurate in their assumptions. But one name stuck out amongst a lot of the trades and that name is none other than Michaele Salahi aka the infamous “Gatecrasher”, who along with her husband Tareq, infiltrated an event that President Obama and Vice-President Biden were attending. The incident caused a national uproar, mainly due to how easily and effortlessly the Salahis’ maneuvered their way past what is supposed to be the most restricted security in the world. Then reports were released conveying that the incident was filmed for RHOWDC and mouths really started to wag. Bottom line? The show has gained more controversy in pre-production than it probably will when it airs.

Now with that bit of history behind us, let’s meet the ladies who made the cut in the popular franchise and debate on whether we will like them or not.

Stacie Scott Turner

Stacie is married to Jason Turner and is considered to be on top of the real estate game in D.C. Formerly from Alexandria, VA, Stacie has an MBA from Harvard, two young children, and a busy social life. In other words, she will have haters from gate. But before you pour that glass of Haterade, Stacie has been described as having a “vigorously civic and philanthropic agenda. Case in point: Extra-Ordinary Life, a charity she started that “provides life-changing experiences to teenage girl living in D.C. foster care.” That should win her a lot of cool points, right? Let’s hope her personality matches that of her generous endeavors.

Catherine “Cat” Ommanney

The only housewife not from this country, Catherine Ommanney (“Cat” for short) has been labeled ‘feisty’ by her bio on the official Bravo site, which makes me only wish that she has a bit of RHONY’s Sonja Morgan in her. Sonya became a savior amongst that cast’s crazy season this year, and if Cat shows any ounce of Sonya in her personality, then she will easily become a fan favorite. After marrying her high school sweetheart, Newsweek photographer Charles Ommanney, Cat high-tailed it to America with her husband and two daughters from a previous marriage, Jade and Ruby, and landed in D.C.’s cream of the crop social circle. She has what Bravo is calling a “no-nonsense attitude”, which could (or not) be a hit with the fans if Cat is one to call out foolishness instead of dishing it. Cat also has the titles “interior designer” and “writer” under her belt after publishing a novel based on her wild times in London called “Inbox Full.” Wonder if that novel went over her alleged hook up with the U.K.’s own Prince William. Yep, THE Prince William. So should we label “Cat” British’s own Carrie Bradshaw or Alexis Carrington reincarnate?

Lynda Erkiletian

Lynda Erklietian and I have one thing in common and that’s our southern background, but if you look at Lynda’s credentials, you would think D.C. was her true home. Lynda is the founder of one of D.C.’s top modeling agencies, T.H.E. Artist Agency, rubbing elbows with D.C.’s power players on her own time or with some of the many charities she belongs to. The mother of four (Mihran, Sam, Jessica, and Aaron) is divorced and doesn’t plan on remarrying again, but decided to try cougardom with a younger boyfriend named Ebong. Bravo describes Lynda as the “mother hen” of this set of housewives, but that doesn’t make her some sort of Countess LuAnn De Lesseps prude (at least I pray and hope not), because she spends her free time riding an ATV at her country shoot clay pigeons, and follows her astrological chart almost religiously. Who says you can’t rule without letting your hair down on the back of an ATV?

Mary Schmidt Amons

With twenty years of marriage and five kids (Matt, Megan, Lolly, Alexandria, and Ryan) under her belt, your mouth is bound to drop at the sight of Mary Amons, who looks like she just turned 24. Seriously! Just look at her! Danielle Staub (aka the “Staubgoblin), take a good long look at this woman and realize that no amount of botox (or a miracle) will make you look this beautiful. Mary is the only born and bred Washingtonian of the cast. She even had play dates at the Kennedy residences as a child, according to Bravo, so she already has D.C. royalty connections that makes her stand out, IMHO. Mary is also the granddaughter of Arthur Godfrey, a television and radio personality best known for Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts, which aired during the Golden Age of Television and is a fashionista. Mary also is involved with several charities, but has two charities, “Labels of Love” and the District Sample Sale”, to call her own. In other words, she holds her own against the other women when it comes to philanthropic endeavors.

Michaele Salahi

What?!?!? She made the cast after what she did? Yep, she did. The blogosphere was flabbergasted that Michaele “Gatecrasher” Salahi made the final cut due to all the drama that she caused to get on the show to begin with. But who would be stupid enough to toss aside a drama magnet like The Salahis’? Now, everyone is wondering if the entire “Gatecrashing” incident will air on our TV screens, but I heavily doubt it, especially since Bravo has been mum about the incident in their press releases. Ok, enough gossip, what is Michaele really all about? Well from the Bravo site, Michaele used to be a model and spends her time raising money for causes that are dear to her. When she’s not doing fundraising projects, Michaele is playing empire with her husband Tareq. They both founded the America’s Polo Club, which has opened doors for plenty of celebrities and political leaders and is “one of the largest and most profile polo events in the U. S.” While not over the APC, the Salahis’ run their own vineyard called Oasis Winery and gatecrashing political events.

So what do you guys think of the latest Real Housewives clique? Catfight worthy or PBS boredome?

The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. premieres on Bravo August 5th @ 9/8c.

Source: Bravo

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