John Oliver is Not Excited about Meghan Markle Joining the Royal Family

It’s safe to say that John Oliver isn’t too psyched about Meghan Markle joining the royal family, but you can guess that he had a very unique way to put it into words. He definitely doesn’t think that Markle knows what she’s in for, and it seems reasonable that he would say so. From what we’ve been allowed to see of the royal family in England throughout the years they’re no better than any ruler anywhere else in the world. Their system can be just as emotionally messed up and scattered in ways that defy any good sense that might otherwise be attributed to them. The difference is that they tend to fall back on the idea that they are somehow far more noble and well-mannered than many other leaders throughout the world and can handle anything that comes their way no matter how dysfunctional it might be.

The truth is that throughout English history, if you care to look, there are a great many instances in which the rulers have caused one misstep or another in terms of how they’ve ruled and what they’ve done during their reign that proves they are not perfect. Plus, the monarchy is something that is very different to what Markle was raised with in the USA, so it’s easy to state that she will need to get used to being the outsider for a while, if she hasn’t already.

A lot of us have heard stories of how royalty would never dare to meddle with commoners, which would seem to include anyone that’s outside of their circle and hold no title of their own other than that which they’ve earned through their own efforts. It might make you bristle a bit but if you really think of it even the royals started out as commoners long ago, and the titles they hold carry only so much importance. I’m sure I would be lambasted to no end if I ever said this to an English citizen but the truth of it is that being royal is a title and a way of life, it is not a definition of a human being. Oliver makes sense when he states that despite what she might have already seen, Markle probably has no clue as to what she’s really going to go through being an American wife to a member of English royalty.

They might not all be snooty and ready to cast judgment upon a person for one thing or another, but the lifestyle is bound to be far different and in many ways foreign to her in a way that might take a while to acclimate to. If she’s already started then so much the better, but it would seem that someone coming from America to England the changes would be quite severe and not at all easy to weather at every turn. Personally I would rather slam my nose in a car door then attempt to live among those that might seek to judge everything I do looking for a single fault they could exploit.

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