10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jade Cargill

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jade Cargill

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill is not a name you will recognize if you don’t appreciate wrestling. She’s signed with the All Elite Wrestling franchise, which is also known as AEW. She’s been working hard her entire life to make her dreams come true, and she’s done a lovely job thus far. She grew up wanting to play sports, so she did. She’s a two, and being part of this lifestyle is something she’s turned into a seamless transition in her own life. Who is she, though? And what led her to this place?

1. She’s a 90s Kid

Jade Cargill is a 90s kid through and through. She was born on June 3, 1992. She might still be in her 20s, but it’s shocking to us that someone born in 1992 is about to turn 30. The 90s were simply not that long ago.

2. She’s a Floridian

In addition to growing up in the 90s, she also grew up in the best state in the nation. She’s a Floridian. She grew up in Vero Beach, which is just lovely. She lived there her entire life until she chose to go to college, and even then, she did not go far. She headed straight to Jacksonville to obtain her education at Jacksonville University.

3. She is a Basketball Player

While growing up in Vero Beach, Florida, she played basketball in school. She was so good that she was part of two district-wining basketball teams at Sebastian River High School and at Vero Beach High School. We are unsure why she attended two different high schools in the same county, however. We assume her family either moved or she wanted to play sports for one over the other.

4. She Played College Sports

While in college, she didn’t just participate in the educational aspect of learning. She was a college basketball player. During her fourth and final year, she was recognized and put on the first team. She did well throughout college, too. The same year, her fourth year, she earned her degree in Social Science.

5. She Has a Master’s Degree

In addition to her bachelor’s degree, she’s also worked to obtain her master’s degree. She has a masters in child psychology, though she’s chosen not to pursue her career in psychology due to her desire to stick with her athletic nature. She tried out for the WWE in 2019, and that really put her on the map.

6. She is a Mom

She doesn’t share much about her personal life, and this is not a bad thing. She is, after all, a public figure who doesn’t need to put her entire life on the internet for the world to see. Additionally, she is not someone who should be sharing too much of her own children. She’s going a good job keeping her daughter, Bailey, from being in the public eye too much.

7. We Might Know Her Child’s Father

We cannot confirm this is the truth, but this is the rumor the internet is sharing with the world. It appears the young daughter of Jade Cargill is also the daughter of Major League Baseball’s Brandon Phillips. He’s been named an All-Star in the MLB three times, but we also have no idea if they are still together or even if he really is her father.

8. She’s a Fitness Model

If she’s up to anything right now outside of wrestling, it’s working on being a fitness model. She shares workout clothes, her insanely fit body, and her workouts with the world on her social media pages, and she leans heavily toward the concept of fitness model.

9. She Turned Down a Deal with WWE

We know that she is part of the AEW, but did you know she was offered a contract with the WWE? She did try out, but she turned it down when it was offered. She chose to take on the AEW instead, and she made her debut alongside Shaq – the famous basketball player with whom she has a lot in common.

10. She’s a Private Woman

One thing Jade Cargill does well – along with the many other one things that Jade Cargill does well – is keep her life to herself. She is not someone who is interested in the world knowing what she’s got going on in her personal life, and that is not a bad thing. She likes her privacy. She likes keeping things to herself, and she is not interested in sharing her personal situation with anyone other than those who are close to her.two

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