Is Ezra Miller Done with the DCEU?

It kind of feels as though the DCEU might have no more use for Ezra Miller once The Flash is over and done with. The word is that the trouble the star managed to get himself into while in Hawaii has convinced the studio that enough is enough, and it’s time to move on from using him for any further projects. One can imagine that the fans will have something to say about this, but it’s also easy to think that there won’t be much else to do but accept the decision since this is not the first time that Miller has been in trouble, and with his current track record it doesn’t appear as though he’s willing to, or has been offered, to get help in any way since his antics continue to be an issue. Some might say that it’s not his fault, that he needs therapy of some type. They might be right, but the point being made is that he hasn’t sought the needed treatment, and apparently no one has procured it for him. 

That last line feels a bit funky to say since while it is very true that those who need treatment don’t always seek it, or realize that they need it, there’s still the idea that they’re grown adults that have taken themselves this far, and it’s not hard to think that they might need to own up to their mistakes. Making excuses for a person after so long becomes less than helpful as it shows that thanks to talent, a studio is willing to excuse a few indiscretions and state that their actors are simply going through a phase or experienced difficulty with one thing or another. In other words, their behavior is to be expected because they’re under a lot of pressure and blah, blah, blah. The funny thing is, most people don’t get to use this excuse more than once. 

Thinking of how the studio is going to move beyond Ezra Miller brings up a lot of questions as to whether someone else will step in as The Flash, which is the likeliest result, or if the hero would be considered best left in the background for a while. The latter option isn’t bound to happen so long as a replacement for Miller can be found, and a lot of fans are still likely to hope and pray that Grant Gustin would be next up to take on the role, seeing as how he’s been portraying the character on the CW for so long. But apart from The Flash, one has to wonder what would come next for Miller after this, and if any studio would want to take a chance on him any longer. The obvious answer is yes, of course, as no matter how bad an actor’s behavior gets, there are usually studios that are willing to bet that they can make an offer that will change said behaviors and put the actor back on the straight and narrow. That’s assuming that Miller’s behavior has a better explanation than what’s already been given of course, since the fact that he has continued to repeat the behaviors that landed him in trouble in the first place should be giant red flags that warn against hiring him. 

But this is Hollywood, where second chances are often doled out to those that have proven themselves in the past, and anything after that kind of depends on how popular an actor is, and how much they tend to produce when on screen. The fact is that people do like Ezra Miller and he has proven himself more than once. That kind of saving grace doesn’t last forever though, and it’s obvious by the fact that the DCEU appears to be ready to say goodbye after his upcoming movie. Replacing him doesn’t sound like it will be that big of a deal in the long run, but where he might show up next is interesting to think about. Does anyone think that the MCU would want him now? What character would he even play? And more to the point, would Disney put up with any continued ill behavior that he might feel the need to display? 

All that is kind of intriguing to think about, especially given the fact that Miller hasn’t exactly been on his hands and knees begging the studio to keep him around. Well, no one has admitted as much at least, which leaves Miller looking a bit arrogant and full of himself at this time. The truth behind what’s being revealed in the news could be a lot different than what’s been seen and heard, and it could be that Miller has designs on other projects moving forward that would keep him from fading off into the distance any time soon. But, like always, we’ll have to wait and see. 

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