10 Things You Didn’t Know about Imogen King

When Imogen King was a child, she likely never imagined that her life would turn out the way that it did. While she’s never come out and said this, we can assume this because even in our own wildest dreams, we never imagined that our own lives would turn out as amazing as they did – so we assume she feels the same. This young actress is currently living her dream, starring in shows, and making a name for herself the world will never forget – and we have to share what we know.

1. She is English

We can honestly say we know very little about her life, her childhood, or even where she grew up. However, we do know it was somewhere in England. She’s an English actress very famous in her own country, and she’s making her way to America with a lot of amazing talent and hard work to showcase her skills.

2. She is Famous

One thing we know about this talented young actress is that she is famous. She was made famous with her role in a 2015 production called The Messenger, and she’s continued to grow in fame since. She’s been in shows such as Doctors, Darkest Hour, and even The Watchman. Each of these shows is hugely famous, and it allows her name and her talent to really speak for itself.

3. She is Part of a Huge Show

She began a role in an ITV Show called The Bay back in 2019, and she’s back for a second season. She is a talent, and the show is widely viewed and one of the most popular. This series is arguably the one for which she is most well-known, though she has done a lot of other work that her fans recognize her.

4. She is Young

One thing is certain, she might not be very old – but she is very famous. She has been working for many years. She’s been acting since she was a teenager, which is a nice thing. She was born on May 12, 1995, and she is currently a young woman of approximately 27.

5. She is a Theater Actress

Many actors and actresses have done both film and stage, but it’s not easy to work as a theater actress. It’s difficult to learn the lines and have only one chance to get them right in front of a live audience, but we have a feeling it makes her a better actress. She had roles in stage productions of The Newspaper Boy and more.

6. She is Close to Her Family

Though she doesn’t often speak of her family or her personal life, she has shared photos of her mother and father online, and it is clear they are quite close. She loves to spend time with them, and it shows that they love one another have a tremendously good time with one another. She seems like a great person, and we suspect she gets it from her parents.

7. She’s Not Very Open

She is in her 20s, but she’s not really into sharing like so many other women her own age. She likes to keep her life a little closer to her heart and a little less out there for the world to see, and that is a nice thing. She doesn’t discuss her personal life, so we are cool with that.

8. She Loves the Water

Her Instagram feed is filled with photos of the water, which leads us to believe that she is a woman who might just be happiest by the water. She is a woman who might just be close to nature, who loves the sound of the waves and the calmness that being on or near the water invokes. It’s not a sentiment we disagree with, either.

9. She Promotes Her Work

This is an actress who is very proud of what she is doing with life. She shares her work online, she lets people know what she is up to, and she is not shy about it. She likes it when the world knows she’s got something new to share, and she’s going to share it.

10. She Loves Madrid

Of all the places in the world, she adores Madrid. She’s open to someone purchasing a place for her to live there, too, so please only send serious offers. We kid, of course, but she really does love Madrid. She’s well-traveled, but there is something about this majestic city that holds itself near and dear to her heart, and it is a big deal.

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