Five Life and Love Lessons from A Star Is Born

Five Life and Love Lessons from A Star Is Born

You don’t really have to be a music lover to be able to fully appreciate the award-winning musical romantic drama, A Star Is Born. The film also marked the directorial debut of one of its lead stars, Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook), as well as his first collaboration with singer-songwriter and actress, Lady Gaga (House of Gucci). The duo surprised us with their palpable chemistry that was depicted through the beautiful song numbers that were performed throughout the film. It did not take long for us to fall hard for the powerful love story of the two characters. We were all reduced to a puddle of mess by the time the credits were rolling. Here are five life and love lessons from the film:

5. All it takes is for one person to truly believe in you

The film followed the romance of Jackson “Jack” Maine, a famous country rock singer, portrayed by Cooper, who secretly battles an alcohol and drug addiction while dealing with a noise-induced hearing loss problem that is affecting his career, and Ally, an aspiring singer-songwriter, portrayed by Lady Gaga. Jack first laid eyes on Ally when she performed in the drag bar where she was working as a part-time waitress and singer. The two hit it off and spend the night getting to know each other better. Jack falls smitten and sees something extraordinary about Ally’s talent right away. He invited her to his next concert and gave her an opportunity of a lifetime. Sometimes, all you need is for someone to acknowledge your talent and believe in your capabilities.

4. A leap of faith can lead to great beginnings

Ally took a leap of faith when she left her job and demanding boss to accept Jack’s invitation to watch his upcoming concert live. Little did she know that Jack had a bigger plan in store for her. Once she set foot backstage, Jack revealed that he rearranged the song she sang to him on the night they met, and invited her to perform it with him onstage. It was only natural for Ally to be hesitant at first. Not everyone had the guts to perform in front in a venue packed with what seemed like a thousand people or more. Ally eventually recognized the door that Jack set wide open for her, and joined him in performing the duet. The duo killed it, and Ally experienced her moment of fame that she has been dreaming about all her life.

3. The load gets easier when you allow other people to help you carry it

Jack was a complicated character. He was fighting too many personal demons all at once, and there was nobody suffering more than himself. Ally’s arrival changed the course of his life, and provided him with a better half who accepted his flaws and tried to help him overcome his internal struggles. Not everyone around Jack understood his shortcomings. He seemed to be on the path to self-destruction when he allowed his addictions to get the best of him, but Ally was steadfast in her efforts to help him deal with it all. This is what true love is— making someone feel loved despite being at his/her lowest and having all the patience to uplift his/her spirit when the going gets tough.

2. Addiction has a domino effect on the lives of its victims and their loved ones

Mental illness is not something to take lightly. Its repercussions are serious, and its aftermath devastating. Jack was a gentle soul whose addictions got the best of him. It is important for people suffering from mental health problems to speak up and ask for help. It is also equally important for this person’s support system to be consistent and unwavering in their efforts to be full of understanding and patience. Jack’s (spoiler alert!) demise was also an eye-opener on how painful it is for a victim’s family to deal with his/her death. They carry with them the pain and suffering that never goes away. As they say, “When you lose someone you love, you never get over it, you just get used to it.” Here’s to hoping that the film also helped create awareness and give light to the many mental illnesses that are affecting so many people around the world.

1. Fame and fortune are not the secrets to happiness

Jack seemingly had it all— fame, fortune, and the love of his life but sadly, these things did not turn out to be enough. We must not allow ourselves to get too intoxicated on the effects of fame and fortune. These are fleeting and we must try to not be too attached to these superficial things. Instead, we must focus on building relationships and working on improving ourselves. Jack got caught up with the perils of fame, and this proved to be detrimental for his well-being. There is more to life than riches and popularity. Investing in the things that truly matter makes all the difference, and proves to make the journey of life worth it at the end.

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