The Five Best Peter Sellers Movies of His Career

The Five Best Peter Sellers Movies of His Career

Peter Sellers Dr Strangelove

It’s kind of interesting to note that Peter Sellers’ father never thought much of his son’s acting ability, while his mother encouraged him without cease. Obviously she had a better line on just how talented Peter was and understood how good he could really be. That’s fortunate since he helped to bring about some of the more interesting movies of his time and one in particular that has been deemed as one of the best of all time, The Pink Panther. Just as other characters have been created and hailed as some of the best throughout the history of cinema, Inspector Clouseau has been one of the most interesting characters ever watched by so many. While he’s definitely something of a bumbler and a man that can’t always keep things straight it was this charm and the manner in which he operated that kept people entertained. And on that note, it was Sellers who proved to many that he was a true talent that managed to entertain many during his time.

Here are some of Peter’s best movies.

5. Being There

Peter actually stated that this role was great for him since the main character is a man that seems to have no true personality but is able to respond to cues and act like any normal human being. The odd thing about him is that he’s known his place in life for so long that it’s a bit telling when he gets thrust into a situation that is out of his element as he must learn to evolve and adapt quickly in order to weather his current environment. Yet somehow, despite the fact that he’s been cloistered for much of his life and seen only those people and done only those things that have become a part of his everyday routine, he is still able to function in the world outside of his personal sphere of influence.

4. A Shot in the Dark

Hilarity seems to dog Clouseau’s every move since in this film he’s sent to discover who committed a murder in a wealthy man’s home, though he doesn’t believe it’s the maid as everyone else seems to. As he continues to release her from jail following several other murder charges in the same house that fall at her feet he narrowly dodges one attack after another and in the end avoids being incinerated when his car explodes with the guilty parties all conveniently crammed inside. This is one of those movies where it’s best to laugh since otherwise you might end up face-palming yourself over how vapid fictional characters can be.

3. The Party

Bakshi is as clumsy and awkward as they get since throughout the party he seems to have one mishap after another and invariably wrecks the entire party without really understanding how he did it. In a way he’s like Murphy’s Law given form since anything that can happen certainly seems to and doesn’t stop happening until he leaves the room. This movie is one of those that seems like it might be a laugh riot from front to back since the hilarity doesn’t seem to stop and the gags get pulled on a continual basis to make the audience laugh and reminds them that laughter is sometimes the best way to get through any awkward situation.

2. Dr. Strangelove

Nuclear warfare is usually a very scary proposition when it’s introduced in movies but sometimes it serves another purpose as well, which is to paint a rather satirical picture of people and their many different foibles so as to paint them as actual human beings. Sellers turned out to be a rather interesting individual in this movie since it’s one of those that’s been remembered for quite some time now and is actually one you might hear referenced now and again when the situation arises and it’s absolutely necessary. It’s not always a positive reference but it’s something that makes a lot of sense when a person mentions it.

1. The Pink Panther

This obviously wasn’t his first film but it was one of those that happened to make him quite famous since Inspector Clouseau was and still is one of the most recognized names in comedy and in movies. The funniest part about this movie is those that don’t know much about it have grown up thinking that the Pink Panther being mentioned in the movie is the cartoon panther that a lot of people are familiar with. In truth, as those of us who know paid attention and realized early on, Clouseau was seeking to protect the Pink Panther diamond in his own bumbling and inept manner, and in trying to do so only made us laugh that much harder.

That was Sellers’ gift though, for all that he professed to have no personality he could make people laugh without fail.

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