Hugh Jackman Probably Didn’t Tweet What Some Marvel Fans Think

If you’re one of those Marvel fans who is still pulling for Hugh Jackman to return to play the Wolverine again, you’re not alone. Personally, there is a part of me that really wants to see him reprise the role. However, I think most fans would agree that the man ended his time as the coolest X-Man on the perfect high note. Be honest, you all probably cried at the end of Logan back in 2017. If you didn’t, then your heart is as cold as ice. That was the best way to end Hugh Jackman’s seventeen year run as Logan, A.K.A the Wolverine. Not only did they kill him off, which we all had to suspect, James Mangold did it convincingly and even left the door open to continue the character’s legacy. Seriously, where’s that X-23 solo movie?

Speaking of that, let’s talk about the future of the X-Men characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We all want to know how Marvel and Kevin Feige is planning to make this work. I think it’s safe to assume that they have had conversations about it and those are still ongoing. The question is, can those plans involve Hugh Jackman coming back to play Wolverine again?

On one hand, I would say no, because his time as the character is done. He has said so himself on several occasions and his Logan is dead. Then again, he did say he would have loved to have played Logan in the MCU had Fox merged with Marvel Studios sooner. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but we can’t ignore the fact that the MCU is serious about expanding the multiverse. If you’ve seen Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, I think it’s time to accept that all bets are off. As of now, literally anything and everything is possible for the MCU. And yes, that could very well include Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine again.

Has Hugh Jackman given us any kind of hints to indicate that he’ll change his mind? Well, he has recently, or so many Marvel fans think. If you follow him on Twitter, you probably caught that recent tweet he posted that has him looking at his phone with a very curious look on his face. He looks a little surprised, but also a bit puzzled. The only caption he attached to his tweet was the surprised face emoji. That’s it. Nothing too provocative, but very many Marvel fans are thinking otherwise.

Based on this cryptic tweet, legions of Marvel fans are using it to jump on the hype train and say that Hugh Jackman is implying that he’ll play Wolverine again. I mean, would you be crazy to even think that? Well, maybe a little. Personally, I didn’t really get that vibe when I first saw that tweet. Then again, that could have very well been Hugh Jackman’s intent. Why post something so cryptic? I’m sure he has his reasons, but let’s take a minute to think about this. Does this tweet actually indicate what many Marvel fans are thinking? Probably not.

Okay, I just have to emphasize on this because many people may overlook this. It’s just natural fan instinct for us to overthink and overly analyze something as insignificant as that tweet. No disrespect to Hugh Jackman’s business, I have no doubt he posted that for a good reason. However, if I had to bet money on it, I’d say his reasons had nothing to do with Wolverine or Deadpool 3. Oh yes, that is the center of the big maze everyone is trying to discover here. Let’s face it, if Hugh Jackman were to reprise the role as the Wolverine, the only place it would make sense would be alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool.

The two actors have already set this up with their infamous social media rivalry that has been going on for years now. No, it’s not real, but it’s still funny. It’s exactly what’s needed for Marvel to sell what would be a very entertaining Wolverine and Deadpool buddy-cop style movie. I mean, how many times has Ryan Reynolds talked about this? He’ll probably continue to try and persuade Hugh Jackman to commit and I hope he succeeds. I don’t care how perfect the ending of Logan was, because seeing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine interact with Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is the superhero rivalry/friendship we need. Who can possibly disagree?

As much as we Marvel fans want this, it’s only a question if Marvel would commit to it. As of now, we still don’t know if Deadpool 3 will take place in the MCU. Now that Marvel has committed to the Multiverse, it’s not hard to imagine how the Merc with a Mouth can crossover. But if that happens, it should make you wonder how the X-Men will follow. We need to remember that Deadpool is very adjacent to the X-Men. And out of all the members of the heroic mutants, Deadpool has the most contentious relationship with Wolverine. If he does crossover into the MCU, then Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine would feel out of place. Then again, when it comes to Deadpool, it’s pointless to dwell on logic.

Nothing has to make much sense in a Deadpool movie. If Hugh Jackman were to pop up as Wolverine even after the character’s death in Logan, all we need is a brief explanation. And guess what? It doesn’t have to make much sense. That’s ultimately the golden comedy of the stellar Deadpool movies. As he said in the sequel, “That’s just lazy writing.”

Despite my enthusiasm for this idea, I still think many Marvel fans are drastically overthinking this tweet. Whatever reasons Hugh Jackman had for posting that cryptic picture, I doubt it has anything to do with reprising his most famous role. I can’t really blame those overly eager fans for jumping the gun based on that tweet. Hey, it’s what we fans do. We look for reasons to get excited because we love Marvel expanding their horizons. If those plans involve Hugh Jackman, then it would pretty hard to say no to that.

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